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Shelter Workers Couldn’t Believe How Old One Of Their Dog Adopters Was

Shelter Workers Couldn’t Believe How Old One Of Their Dog Adopters Was

As Alice Ensor, an adoption counselor of a San Francisco-based rescue named Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, received an adoption application from somebody named Johanna, she didn’t think much of it… until she checked her personal information.  

Alice couldn’t believe the fact that Johanna decided to adopt a pup while she was 100 years old.

Never Too Old

After realizing just how old this potential adopter was, she was almost certain that she had to be a very big canine lover.

“When I first received Johanna’s adoption questionnaire, I was a bit surprised. 100 years old is definitely a milestone in and of itself. We don’t often have a centenarian looking to bring home a new mutt. I knew that Johanna had to be a very special dog lover to be looking for her new furry friend ahead of her 101st birthday,” said Alice.

Even though some might be concerned about Johanna’s age and the fact that she wants to adopt a pup, Alice wasn’t worried at all.

Johann’s adoption application contained great details explaining her situation.

Johann stated that she had a very strong support system, along with her daughter, Debbie, and a caretaker who would help her take off the pup.

Taking all of this into consideration, Alice was happy to inform one of their senior pups that they found a forever home. However, which pup should it be?

Muttville’s adoptions manager, Kristin Hoff, was actually the person who realized that Gnocchi might be a great fit, and it was all pretty easy from there.

Pup Named Gnocchi

Gnocchi, the cutest doggo ever, had already spent quite some time at the San Francisco rescue and had some trouble finding a forever home for himself.

Since he was rescued from a hoarding situation, a house with 22 dogs including him, he really needed to be the only pup in the home.

Since nobody was considering adopting him, little Gnocchi started losing hope. However, his luck was about to completely turn around.

We set up a virtual call where Johanna could see Gnocchi in a home setting, and it was love at first sight. We processed the adoption the next day, and Debbie helped pick up and bring Gnocchi to his new mom. Debbie let us know that Gnocchi walked into the house and jumped right into Johanna’s lap.

Best Friends

A year had passed and Johanna and Gnocchi, now called Gucci, couldn’t be happier.

Johanna is now happily waiting for her 102 birthday and she has never felt better. She states that all of this is thanks to her new furry friend.

It’s been an amazing year with Gucci. He brings me so much joy! I love it when he sits on my lap and keeps me company. Having Gucci in my life has given me someone to love and care for, and that makes a big difference at my age.

With all of this time spent together, Gucci and Johanna created a very strict daily routine.

Every morning, the two best friends move from their bedroom to the living room, making themselves comfortable in their favorite recliner.

Then, they spend the entire day together cuddling and watching TV, while Johanna’s caretaker makes sure that Gucci has his daily walks.

“They are thick as thieves. He is spoiled rotten! He’s a couch potato who was a perfect match for my mom!” said Debbie, Johanna’s daughter.

Maybe the fact that nobody wanted to adopt Gucci before was just a part of a bigger plan so that he could meet his soulmate, Johanna.