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Shelter Staff Were Shocked After Finding What Was Inside A Box Dumped Right Next To The Door

Shelter Staff Were Shocked After Finding What Was Inside A Box Dumped Right Next To The Door

When a shelter staff member in Yakima, Washington went to work one morning, he expected the last workday of the week to start easy, without much stress. 

However, when he arrived in front of the Yakima Humane Society (YHS) building, he found an unpleasant surprise. Right next to the shelter door was a sealed cardboard box labeled “Keep Frozen: Contents Perishable.”

At that moment, other employees of the shelter came, and their hearts stopped for a second because of that scene. Situations like this are not rare, and unfortunately, they most often end tragically. 

Although they expected to find a litter of frozen kitties or puppies inside, they didn’t want to panic, and quickly brought the box into the shelter premises to see what was inside.

A Sigh Of Relief

As soon as they entered the premises, the staff members placed the box on a small table to open it and finally reveal the mystery of its contents. 

While one of the employees was cutting the edges of the cardboard box, the others were holding their breath in anticipation of the final outcome.

When he finally managed to cut off all the heavy duct tape that was sealing the box, he slowly began to open the layers. At that moment, uncertain looks were replaced by big smiles on their faces as they saw what was actually in there. 

Two squinting eyes greeted them from the depths of the box. It was a cat, and most importantly, she was alive and well.

“They were glad to see an adult cat who was alive!” Kelli Peal, YHS’s adoption manager, told The Dodo.

It is an understatement to say that they were glad – they were over the moon because one innocent life was saved. It was a true sigh of relief. 

Heaps Of Love And Affection

Shelter employees had no idea why this cat had appeared in front of their door. However, they assumed that the owner, for some reason, left her there during the night.

Although they were very angry because of this cruel act, the happiness they felt when they saw her cute, innocent eyes still prevailed. 

Since the box said “Keep frozen”, they decided to name her Elsa, in honor of the princess from the popular movie “Frozen”

They made sure to provide Elsa with the best conditions in the shelter because this sweet girl deserved nothing less. While they were waiting for the medical staff to arrive, they placed her in her own kennel where she did not lack either food or water.

After the vets came and examined Elsa, they found a developing, but treatable wound on her side. That is why they had to place her in isolation until her complete recovery.

During her stay there, shelter employees provided her with heaps of love and affection and this sweet girl soon captured everyone’s heart. It was love at first sight between Elsa and the whole YHS family. 

“Elsa is a staff favorite!” Peal said. “She is so loving and will vocalize and press up against her kennel for attention.”

Unfortunately, just when they were getting used to her, Elsa slowly started to recover and was ready to be sterilized, after which she could go in search of her forever home. 

Wonderful News

Although everyone was sad because the farewell was coming, all the employees of the shelter felt immense joy because their “frozen girl” would soon have a loving family. They were also proud of Elsa, considering that she held up very well despite everything she went through. 

“She’s a wonderful cat who has been through a lot,” Peal said, “but she doesn’t seem shy at all and has no lingering effects from her abandonment.”

The crown of this whole story came the best possible news for this feline girl. Namely, although the shelter has not yet officially announced, one of the employees wrote in a comment that Elsa is waiting for a forever home.

“Elsa has a pending adoption with an awesome family. ❤️,” Rachel Vincent wrote in the comment of the YHS Facebook post

Just as she endured all the previous adversities with the help of the love of her rescuers, we do not doubt that Elsa will do well in her new life chapter.

Good luck, Mrs. Frozen.