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Incredible Shelter Staff Hid This Beautiful Pup For 6 Years So That They Could Save Her Life

Incredible Shelter Staff Hid This Beautiful Pup For 6 Years So That They Could Save Her Life

Shelter dogs wish to meet humans who would give them the love they always dreamed of having.

Sadly, too many shelter dogs spend a lot of time waiting to meet their parents and wrap their paws around them.

The following story is about Ebony Anne, a 10-year-old pup who spent six years at Lytle Animal Care And Control, a shelter located in Boerne, Texas. 

During all those years, the sweet dog never stopped hoping that a wonderful family would notice her and fulfill her greatest wish of having her own home.

She longed to feel loved and to experience all the simple joys of life that she had missed.

Spending Years At The Shelter

Ever since she arrived at the shelter, Ebony Anne has won the hearts of the shelter staff. She was the sweetest canine. 

The shelter employees feared that she would be put down, and they hid the pooch every time the shelter became overcrowded. 

Years passed, and the sweet dog continued living in her kennel. Although she appreciated the love of her shelter friends, her heart yearned for true love that only forever parents could give. 

The staffers couldn’t understand why nobody chose to adopt Ebony Anne. 

After spending six years at the shelter, the pup’s name ended up at the top of the euthanasia list

Ebony’s friends urged rescue organizations to save the adorable doggo, and give her the chance of getting her happy ending.

The Rescue Saves Ebony Anne

As soon as the CCPAL – Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League, a Texas rescue organization, noticed their plea for help, they promised to take the pup in.

The delightful canine said goodbye to her loving shelter staff who protected her whole life. 

When the CCPAL staff came to pick Ebony Anne up, the pup felt hopeful that her life would soon change for the better.

The adorable pup captivated her rescuers’ hearts, and she hopped into their car with a wide smile on her face. She was very affectionate toward the staffers, and they realized that the doggo had a lot of love to give.

The CCPAL was in disbelief that a sweet pup like Ebony Anne didn’t find a home, and they hoped that she would find a forever family very soon.

The rescue has nothing but praise for the lovely girl. Despite being a senior dog, she is young at heart. She loves adventures and appreciates the little joys of life.

“Ebony Ann loves car rides, is potty trained, good on a leash and loves all humans.  She is ok with non-dominant male dogs but she would love to be an only dog. She would be perfect for an older couple looking for a walking companion and one that would allow her to go in the car places. She would be great for a truck driver as a companion dog,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

The Pup Hopes To Get Her Happy Ending

There is nothing that Ebony Anne wants more than to learn how it feels to have a loving home. The adorable girl longs to find her humans and cover them with kisses.

The pup currently lives in Texas, and she is available for local adoption. Her amazing rescue friends work with transporters, and Ebony Anne can be adopted to Washington, Portland, Minnesota, Vermont, or anywhere along the East Coast.  

We wholeheartedly hope that the affectionate pup will soon steal the hearts of her forever parents and run into their loving arms. 

Just like all canines, Ebony Anne deserves to find her place under the sun and live a life filled with love and joy.