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This Sad Shelter Pup Watched His Kennel Buddies Get Adopted Every Day

This Sad Shelter Pup Watched His Kennel Buddies Get Adopted Every Day

Shelter dogs spend most of their time inside a kennel, dreaming of a better future. They hope that they will eventually find their happily-ever-after.

As soon as stray dogs hear visitors entering the shelter, they get excited and they start wagging their tails. Their eyes fill with hope that soon, they’ll meet the parents of their dreams.

Most of the dogs start barking. They try to draw attention to themselves and encourage the potential adopters to look them in the eyes and choose them.

Sheba was one of the shelter pups who was quiet. She was closely watching the people passing by her kennel. The pup was losing hope that she would ever experience true happiness.

The Fateful Encounter With Her Mom

Sarah was one of the visitors who came to meet pups at Fulton County Animal Services. The shelter is managed by LifeLine Animal Project, and it is located in Atlanta, Georgia. 

She felt lonely and decided to find her best friend at the shelter. 

As Sarah walked around the kennels, a particular pup attracted her attention. While the other dogs were barking, Sheba was quietly sitting in her tiny kennel with a sad expression on her face.

The moment Sarah looked at her beautiful, soulful eyes, she fell in love.

When Sarah saw Sheba again in the play yard, the pup approached her and jumped up. Sheba wanted affection. As soon as she met Sarah, she felt that she was her person.

Sarah petted the pup’s belly, giving her love that she missed very much.

The Loving Home Of Her Dreams

The two of them instantly bonded, and Sarah adopted her the same day. She didn’t know the pup’s backstory, but she assumed that the delightful doggo was used for breeding.

“My assumption is that she was used for breeding and then she either ran away or they just dropped her somewhere because they didn’t need her anymore,” Sarah told GeoBeats Animals.

Ever since she took her home, Sarah wanted to shower Sheba with love and make her forget about her past.

The wonderful doggo made her mom happier, and she always motivates her to go out more. Sarah believes that her dog can always recognize when she needs more cuddles. She always comes up to her and kisses her mom’s face. 

They are inseparable, and nobody knows Sheba better than her mom. According to her, the pup has three different personality modes.

“Her first mode is like super sweet and loving. She loves cuddling.Then her other mode which a lot of other people don’t see, but I do is at home she can get grumpy and anxious if she hears noises. Then her third mode, I would say is just absolutely wild and clumsy,” Sarah said.

True Soulmates Who Adore Each Other

Sarah is overjoyed because she and Sheba found each other. Sheba feels like the happiest dog because she has the perfect mom – the one she always wished for.

Sarah considers herself lucky to have Sheba by her side, and she wants her to know how much she means to her.

“I tell her all the time how much I love her. I’m just so glad that she picked me. We’re like two peas in a pod and we get each other forever.”

Sheba left her past, sad life behind her, and she now lives her best life in Atlanta, Georgia. She often shares updates about her daily adventures on her Instagram account. She loves going on walks and cuddling with her mom.