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A Sweet Shelter Pup Overlooked For A Year Finally Sleeps In Her New Home With A Smile On Her Face

A Sweet Shelter Pup Overlooked For A Year Finally Sleeps In Her New Home With A Smile On Her Face

Many canines go through a difficult time after they find themselves behind shelter walls. 

While some shelter pups never lose hope of finding loving families, other dogs become stressed, and their health starts deteriorating.

Brooklyn, a lovely doggo, went through the most difficult time in her life after her owner surrendered her to a shelter and moved out of the state.

The canine felt confused and sorrowful, wondering why she suddenly lost the only place she called home.

The Pup’s Shelter Life

dog in shelter
Source: @nycacc

Brooklyn was admitted to the Manhattan facility of Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC).

She was having a hard time getting used to shelter life. The doggo missed her owner. She kept expecting to see their beloved faces appearing around the corner. 

The pooch was going through a lot of stress, which took a toll on her health.

“Brooklyn was stressed in the shelter and had allergic dermatitis, causing her to lose patches of hair,” Katy Hansen, the marketing and communications director at ACC told Newsweek.

Wishing to help her relieve her anxiety at the overcrowded shelter, her shelter friends moved Brooklyn to the manager’s office.

Luckily, Dr Jay Kuhlman, a board member at ACC, gave Brooklyn specialized treatment for her dermatitis. At last, the pup started her road to recovery.

Brooklyn won the hearts of her shelter friends. They were rooting for her to recover and find her happiness.

Love Helps Her Heal

dog standing with tongue out
Source: @nycacc

The ACC Foster Team succeeded in placing her in a loving foster home where she could heal and relax.

Her foster family dedicated themselves to her care, showering Brooklyn with affection and positive affirmations.

Away from the noisy shelter environment, the pup started recovering. Feeling safe and loved, Brooklyn finally revealed her wonderful personality. 

She was the sweetest girl with a lovely smile. 

Thanks to the loving foster parents who opened their hearts to her, she forgot about her past life and looked forward to her new future.

Brooklyn started searching for a forever home.

Savoring All Her Mom’s Love

dog on street
Source: @sayraloren

A wonderful woman named Sayra noticed adorable Brooklyn, and the pup immediately captivated her heart. She applied for her adoption.

When the shelter staff heard that the delightful pup was leaving the shelter, they could hardly contain their emotions.

They were ecstatic because their lovely girl finally found her place under the sun.

Brooklyn’s eyes were full of joy and pride after she met her forever mom.

The pooch kissed her friends goodbye, and she stepped out of the shelter with her human. 

Her sweet face was a picture of happiness. She couldn’t wait to begin a new life filled with the joy that she dreamed of while being in the shelter.

The shelter posted a video about Brooklyn on their TikTok account. They included an update about the dog’s life that her mom shared with them.

“It’s hard to believe we have only been together for two weeks. From the first night, she has slept soundly throughout the night,” Yeobo’s mom, Sayra said.

dog sleeps in a new home
Source: @nycacc

The pup moved into her new forever home in Brooklyn and changed her name to Yeobo, which is a Korean term for endearment.

The sweet canine and her mom formed a strong bond, and they enjoy spending their time together.

smiling woman posing with dog on street
Source: @sayraloren

Yeobo, who once felt hurt and stressed after being surrendered to the shelter, is now a confident girl whose smile has never been brighter.

She and her forever mom adore each other, and they feel over the moon because they found each other.