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Shelter Dog Was Struggling To Find A Home Until His Photo Was Posted On Facebook

Shelter Dog Was Struggling To Find A Home Until His Photo Was Posted On Facebook

Every year, more and more dogs end up in shelters, and it seems that the trend is not slowing down. Because the capacities of these facilities are not limitless, the conditions in them are worsening as time goes on. 

Aside from that, despite providing them with food and a place to live, numerous studies show the negative effects of the shelter on a dog’s well-being. Just the absence of regular human hugs can be devastating for them, not to mention other things. 

The state in which one dog found himself in a shelter in Pontiac, Michigan, pictures these bad consequences the best. He was so sad and tired of loneliness that he didn’t have the energy to even get up on his paws. 

Fortunately, the photo of him lying in his kennel, tired of being alone, touched many hearts and helped him meet his happiest moment. 

Favorite Shelter Pup

On February 24, 2024, the Oakland County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center, located in Pontiac, Michigan, wrote a Facebook post in which they introduced followers to their new shelter dog. 

“Meet Tiny Tim!!!” they wrote. “This tiny ham is only 1 years old. He is the cutest thing you will ever see! At just 39 pounds, he is the best little low rider bestie you will ever have!!

A manager at the shelter, Bob Gatt, told Newsweek that he had “no identification, no microchip and no license” when he came. They tried to find his previous owner with the help of social media and online platforms, but it was all in vain. 

Since no one claimed him, Tiny Tim became a member of the shelter family. In a very short time, the staff fell in love with him, and he became the favorite pup there

“He’s young, friendly, and curious. His goofy nature and smart demeanor make him a joy to be around,” Gatt said. 

The shelter employees also stated that he “gets along well with other dogs, always eager to make new friends” and “he’s also a gentleman when it comes to taking treats, always gentle and polite.”

Considering all these positive traits as well as his loving personality, they were convinced that the moment of his adoption was a matter of days. 

Heartbreaking Photo

To the disappointment of all shelter employees, the days and weeks passed, but no one called them and expressed a desire to adopt Tiny Tim

A month after he came to their shelter, they posted a video of sad Tiny Tim behind the bars of his kennel in the hope that someone would notice him and give him a forever home. 

“I am a fun loving fella who loves playtime, walks and cuddles. I hope to meet a loving family who will give me time to adjust to my new surroundings. I hope to meet you soon,” the video caption read. 

Unfortunately, it was all in vain, and poor Tim had to continue his life behind bars. He became increasingly discouraged and began to lose hope that he would ever meet his happy ending.

On March 16, the shelter wrote one of their saddest Facebook posts with the heartbreaking photo of Tiny Tim lying on the floor in his lonely corner. 

“Tiny Tim is still here. He’s tired and lonely, and tired of being lonely…😢,” they wrote. 

Soon after, this post and picture caused numerous reactions and broke many hearts. 

Happy Ending

Reactions to Tim’s picture from the shelter came one after the other. Most of the comments reflected the broken hearts of the people who saw the photo.

“Omg, poor boy needs a curl up…” one user wrote. 

“So sad i wish i could save all animals xx,” another added. 

And, the third cried out: “Aw praying he finds his forever home.”

To the delight of this woman who wished him a forever home, as well as all the good people who were familiar with his life story, a few days after this post, Tiny Tim finally met his happy ending

In the last Facebook post about his life in the kennel, from March 26, the shelter soon wrote an update with just one happy word: “***Adopted!!!🥳🥳🥳***.”

After the door of his kennel opened, the dog, once “tired of loneliness”, energetically jumped to his paws, put a smile on his face, and headed toward his new beginning.