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Overlooked Shelter Dog Visit The Local Police Department And Becomes A Member Of Their Team

Overlooked Shelter Dog Visit The Local Police Department And Becomes A Member Of Their Team

When the shelter in Hopkinsville took in an abandoned dog named Bolo in the summer, they certainly couldn’t have guessed what his turn of events would be in the months that followed.

This black and white Bully mix was released through animal control because they needed a smaller dog. He quickly adapted to the new environment, and the shelter staff fell in love with him because of his cheerful personality. 

However, considering his breed, which unfortunately does not have a good reputation, they were afraid that Bolo would have to spend a long time between the four walls of his kennel.

Two months after he arrived in the shelter, no one paid attention to this dog. But, his life took a completely unexpected turn one day when he visited the local police department. 

They Simply Fell In Love With Him

In mid-October, officers from Hopkinsville Police Department decided to start a program called “Paw-Trol Wednesday”, and the initiator was Royale Marlif – a public information officer. 

It was a program that would showcase a different dog each week and help them get adopted. When the officers came to Christian County Animal Shelter, Bolo had the honor of being the first dog to go on a one-day visit to the police station.

“Bolo is our four legged friend who will be pawtrolling with us today!” HPD wrote in their Facebook post

Little did they know that it wouldn’t just be a one-day patrol, but that something much bigger would emerge from it all. 

It smelled like something good right off the bat because as soon as he stepped into the police department, they immediately fell in love with him. But, it didn’t stop at the initial crush.

“Once Bolo started being comfortable and playing with everybody, everybody was asking, ‘Can we adopt him? Can we keep him?’” Marfil said in her interview for The Dodo

He Was Meant To Stay

After a day filled with the immense joy of hanging out with Bolo and his incredible positive energy, in the evening, he just layed down and fell asleep in the middle of the police station office.

“He just kind of plopped down on the floor and started snoring,” Marfil said. “He snores really loud. I’d say that was probably my favorite part of the day, seeing him relax completely and just fall into this deep sleep.”

After he woke up, it was time to go back to the shelter. But, at that moment, Bolo started whimpering, and he seemed like he was trying to say, “Can I please stay with you?”. The scene broke the hearts of the policemen who were there.

Marfil immediately decided to react.

“I brought it to Chief Newby,” Marfil said. “And he said, ‘Yeah, why not? Let’s keep him.’”

Officer Marfil was over the moon and she immediately worked out a plan with her colleagues. Bolo would spend his days at the police department, but would go home with Marfil at night.

As soon as she took him to PetSmart to buy a collar, Bolo’s smile returned to his face, as did the positive energy that adorned him that entire day.

“That’s when he got really happy,” she said. “He knew.”

In early November, Bolo met the proudest moment in his life. At the official ceremony, this dog was inaugurated as the new member of the police team by no other than the mayor himself. He even got his own title — Hopkinsville Police Department’s first Paw-trol Officer.

“We can’t wait to follow this sweet pup’s career on the force. 🐾” City of Hopkinsville Local Government wrote in their Facebook post.  

From that day on, Marfil’s office was overcrowded with people every day. The reason was not police work, but Bolo, whom everyone wanted to see and greet.

“Everyone will pop into my office to say hi to him,” Marfil said. “I think people forget that it’s my office since Bolo lives here.”

Apart from everyone wanting to take a picture with him, they also brought him treats, and of course, he didn’t protest. 

“He’s just about as much as a garbage disposal as a dog could get,” Marfil says. “If he hears any sort of wrapper crinkling — it doesn’t matter what it is — he is right at your feet, begging for whatever it is in your hand.”

Contrary to the working police dogs in the department, Bolo isn’t expected to do any real work — except to be himself.

Nevertheless, Bolo proved to be the strongest soft power of the police, bringing with him his positive energy and irresistible smile, which we are sure will facilitate the hard work of the people in uniform for years to come.