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Shelter Dog Returns Home After A Family Member Follows A Gut Instinct To Search For The Pet 

Shelter Dog Returns Home After A Family Member Follows A Gut Instinct To Search For The Pet 

Someone once shared this beautiful thought: “Life is not one, but many journeys,” and let me tell you, it couldn’t be more accurate.

No matter how many unexpected twists and turns you encounter, there’s always a chance you’ll find yourself on the right path… Well, fingers crossed, at least.

Such is the story of Kano, who, after spending his entire life with his beloved family, he unexpectedly ends up in a shelter, but in the end, finds his way home. 

Trust Your Gut Instinct 

This is Kano, also known as Skillet, to the shelter that took him into their care. He arrived at DeKalb County Animal Services animal shelter in Georgia, where he spent five months looking for a forever family. 

Despite his easy, super sweet, and loveable disposition, Skillet was still not getting adopted. 

Because the DeKalb County shelter was running out of space, Skillet had to be transferred to the LifeLine Animal Project adoption center in Atlanta.

This proved to be exactly the right path in Skillet’s journey. 

Once he was transferred to the Atlanta animal shelter, it didn’t take long for him to find a family, or better said, find his way back home. 

LifeLine Animal Project posted the happy news to their Facebook page, saying, “Kano, formerly known as Skillet to his shelter family, has found his way home! He found the best outcome; being reunited with his family!”

Kano was overjoyed when he saw a familiar face enter the shelter. 

The mother of Kano’s former owner (Kano’s grandmother) finally found his picture on the shelter’s website after following her gut feeling to search for their former pet. 

According to the mother, her son had raised Kano in the Blue Ridge Mountains since Kano was just a little pup. He was the best, most loving dog ever. 

“When my son decided to go into the Army, I had to rehome Kano due to some other family commitments and concerns. But not long after, I just had an intuitive sense that I needed to look for him,” the woman told LifeLine Animal Project. 

Fortunately, she trusted her instinct and it guided her straight to Kano.

“I randomly started looking online one night and I found another dog that looked like him. I found the LifeLine website and started going through it, and there he was. I emailed and came the next night after work. I’m so thankful for everything,” she added. 

Kano Going Home 

According to Patricia Knowles Hughes, Placement Manager at LifeLine Animal Project, it was so heartwarming to see Kano with the woman he immediately recognized as grandma. 

“The kennel tech said he did a 360 turn around when she walked up and called him Kano. They definitely had everyone in the building crying happy tears,” Hughes wrote in a comment.  

Witnessing the recognition and Joy in Kano’s eyes was an incredibly heartwarming moment. 

“I knew in my soul he needed me; it’s like he was calling me somehow. I know that sounds crazy. I tell him every day I’m sorry I was doing the best I could do at the time and I love him so much! I still feel the guilt, but I hope he knows and feels my love for him,” the woman said, according to the Facebook post from LifeLine Animal Project. 

In the end, everything worked out wonderfully.

The woman, who remained unnamed, was now in a position to purchase a house that had a fenced-in backyard where Kano could play.

“My son is about to be deployed and has not been able to physically see Kano again, only on FaceTime! But Kano responds to him happily over the phone,” she said. 

Sometimes, it takes traveling many paths to finally arrive at the perfect destination.