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Abandoned Dog Enters Shelter For The First Time And Clings To His Teddy Bear For Comfort

Abandoned Dog Enters Shelter For The First Time And Clings To His Teddy Bear For Comfort

It is almost impossible to imagine how hard it must be for dogs that once had a home to adapt to shelter life. Being an only pet (or one of few) in a cozy home, and then facing the cruel reality in kennels is scary, and it leaves lifetime emotional scars on dogs.

When Luna, a one-year-old American Staffy mix, first entered a local Texas shelter, she was terrified. 

Luna didn’t know life outside her home, and being exposed to loud noises for the first time was very overwhelming for this abandoned girl.

All she was familiar with at the time was her Teddy bear toy that she was surrendered with, and she made sure to cling to it as tightly as possible.

This is her story!

Scared And Stressed Out

Luna was surrendered to San Antonio Animal Care Services by her owners. Even though her history is quite vague, it is believed that she ended up in a shelter because of her high-energy nature.

When she first walked inside her kennel, Luna was evidently stressed out. She was shaking the whole time, and refused any contact with the people.

All she clinged to was her Teddy bear toy that she had when she was surrendered, as it felt and smelled like home. 

She refused to go anywhere without it. It was literally the only familiar thing she had, as everything around her felt insecure. 

According to Lisa Norwood, the SAACS PR manager, Luna definitely used this stuffed toy for comfort, as familiarity is the one thing everyone needs in times of stress. In a way, her Teddy bear was a reminder of the life that she used to have back home.

After a few days, her true personality started to show. She had lots of energy and character to display, and the staff were just so happy to see her coming out of her shell.

Thanks to many interested parties and people inquiring about this abandoned dog, Luna won’t be set for euthanization. Instead, the staff will try to do everything in their power to help the dog find a new home.

In Search Of A New Home

Vermont English Bulldog Rescue offered to relocate Luna to their facility until a suitable family showed up. The shelter she was in was overcrowded and too loud for Luna, and she definitely had a quieter place in order to regain her social potential.

The SAACS staff really hopes that Luna will soon find the perfect place to stay. This doggo needs someone who will have enough patience and a flexible schedule to help her get back on track and exhibit her true potential.

Underneath her insecurities, she’s an active, playful, and happy girl who loves life. Right now, she just needs someone to remind her of that! And, we’re absolutely pawsitive that this special someone is right around the corner!