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This Adorable Doggo Steals Everyone’s Hearts With His Sheep-Like Appearance

This Adorable Doggo Steals Everyone’s Hearts With His Sheep-Like Appearance

While some dogs don’t need any grooming whatsoever, others would just look unrecognizable without it!

For long-haired, fluffy breed owners, seeing their beloved dog for the first time after extensive grooming is always a favorite moment. And, that thrilling expectation to see your pooch’s makeover is what makes the whole experience even better!

For Sesame, a pawdorable toy Poodle, grooming sessions have been a part of his identity since forever! But, one particular session has caught the attention of thousands of people all over the world!

Star Of The Show

round fluffy dog
Source: @yorikokoro

Yoriko Hamachiyo is popular for fabulous dog grooming. This amazing groomer has been in business for quite some time, and she always finds a way to surprise her clients pleasantly.

However, one particular dog has stood out in the crowd and made social media go wild! Sesame, a tiny Poodle dog, got a memorable session at her salon and the photos soon went viral!

side view of the fluffy dog
Source: @yorikokoro

Not only did Sesame look so fresh and fabulous, but this teacup dog’s crisp style was so perfect and circular that it reminded everyone of a tiny ball of fluff. 

Right after his grooming session, Sesame looked like the roundest, sheep-like dog and, in a heartbeat, stole the hearts of countless people all over the world!

Everyone was so amazed by Yoriko’s work and Sesame’s hauntingly cute look. This tiny Poodle just looked so adorable from every angle, and Yoriko made sure her followers got the perfect view!

fluffy dog sitting backwards
Source: @yorikokoro

She posted multiple photos, including the one from behind that shows the dog’s sheep-like style and his sweet tail. And, the fans loved it!

Even though Yoriko has put a lot of effort into making Sesame irresistible, it seems that this Poodle is undoubtedly born to be a star

He has the undeniable ability to rock any haircut from the book, and this particular one just stole the hearts of many!

The Fluffiest Dog

dog running down the street
Source: @yorikokoro

Sesame’s fluffiness is almost indescribable, as this dog is just too cute for words. His coat’s symmetry right after the session was so appealing that his fans couldn’t believe their eyes.

Countless people quickly fell in love with his look. Thanks to Yoriko’s posts and just amazing photos online, he became the star of the show all around the world. It is safe to say that Sesame is the cuteness social media needed.

fluffy dog sitting next to female leg
Source: @yorikokoro

People responded with comments of utmost admiration for little Sesame. In no time, he got many nicknames, including the Sheep Dog, the Cloud Dog, and many more.

Right after the session, the groomer gave Sesame a delicious treat, as he “endured” and sat through the entire process like a really good boi.

close-up photo of a fluffy dog
Source: @yorikokoro

It seems that Sesame loves his grooming sessions very much, and he doesn’t mind being “experimented with” at all.

After all, he’s a fashionable Poodle who knows no wrong hairstyle!

We hope to see many more of Sesame’s photos in the future!