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Rescue Dog Is Treated Like A Princess After Being Dumped By A Bad Breeder

Rescue Dog Is Treated Like A Princess After Being Dumped By A Bad Breeder

Some might say that spoiling a dog is not a good thing, but isn’t that how all of these four-legged furballs deserve to be treated?

I know for a fact that Sheba, the rescue Staffy girl, would definitely agree with this if she could speak.

She was adopted from a shelter by the greatest momma ever, and now all she gets are princess treatments! This Georgia girl didn’t have such a glamorous start in life, but Sarah did everything to change that – and now Sheba is living the life she always wanted!

Living A New Life Like A Baby Girl

Sheba had her babies before she ended up in a local shelter. Her history is quite vague, but Sarah is pretty sure that she was a breeding dog that was either dumped by her breeder or else she escaped on her own.

When she first met her, Sheba was a little shy – she didn’t trust people very much and she needed time to come out of her shell.

Sarah fell in love with this Staffy from the moment she saw her. She brought her to her home in Atlanta, Georgia, and after a couple of short months, Sheba felt like she was home! 

The two formed a wonderful bond together. They went on trips together, took walks, and had the pawesomest play times in a yard, and it didn’t take long until Sheba became the most spoiled princess in the world!

“I probably spoiled her a little too much, but she’s so cute that I can’t help but give her exactly what she wants,” says Sarah.

Every time she and her mom go to Starbucks for some coffee, Sheba gets these special pup cups. She’s just over the moon to get her very own “special treat” – even though she sometimes gets too excited and makes a little mess in the car.

“I get her pup cups all the time. Every single time that I go to Starbucks and she’s in my car, she gets treats and she is obsessed with that,” says Sarah.

There Are Two Sides Of Sheba

Her momma even got her special Crocs for her princess paws! Sheba has a collection of the pawesomest Crocs ever – and she just loves to show off in them!

Sarah is pretty sure that when it comes to personality, her girl has two sides!

“I like to say that she has two sides – one the super sweet baby girl that gives you the puppy dog eyes to get what she wants, and then there’s her crazy side,” says her momma.

dog in the shop
Source: @shebathestaffy

Sheba gets the zoomies every time she goes out to play. She’s just way too enthusiastic and has endless energy, but Sarah loves that part of her!

Sometimes, Sheba has her spa treatments with other doggos, and she couldn’t be happier! Okay, I admit – she gets some delicious treats after the treatment, and that probably has something to do with it! 

Her mom and her have the time of their lives together, and every new day is a brand-new adventure for the two of them. Sheba even has her very own Instagram account and she’s quite a star! 

Her mom loves everything about her, and she’s just glad that she has the chance to live the life that she always deserved. And, even though she’s sometimes a little too spoiled, it’s all because Sheba deserves the best!