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Severely Injured Dog Covered In Bite Wounds Immediately Warms Up To His Rescuers

Severely Injured Dog Covered In Bite Wounds Immediately Warms Up To His Rescuers

No dog deserves to live its life outside in the cold. And yet, a big number of them don’t find a shelter – ever. 

Being way over their maximum capacity at times, many rescue facilities can’t help all dogs in need. That’s why, sadly, many of these four-legged animals end up in terrible conditions without anyone to extend them a friendly hand.

Bar Crawl’s story begins on the street, too. This sweet boi was on the edge, waiting for the inevitable moment of no return. He lost every hope of ever finding a safe place until, one day, the unexpected happened.

The Last-Minute Rescue

The good people of Stray Rescue of St. Louis rushed into action when they heard about a dog in need living in terrible conditions. All alone, living his life in the cold and darkness, Bar Crawl was craving help.

His history was vague, but easily predictable. This poor boi was covered in bite wounds head to toe. On top of all that, he was full of infection. 

When they arrived at the spot, the team prepared a strategy to pick up Bar Crawl, but then he surprised everyone. He didn’t need much convincing to get in the car. He literally surrendered to his rescuers, got in the car, and immediately fell asleep.

“He didn’t care where he was going, just as long as it was away from there. The cold. The lonely. The wind. The dark,” the rescue team wrote on Facebook.

It was as if he almost didn’t care where he was going, as long as it was far away from the place where he was picked up. His rescuers were heartbroken to witness this scene. It must’ve been terrible to go through all the things Bar Crawl experienced in the past. 

Throughout the entire ride, he didn’t budge even once. He finally felt safe enough to surrender to his rescuers, and take a well-deserved nap on a warm, cozy car seat.

In Need Of A Home

After he was transferred to the facility, Bar Crawl was immediately subjected to a medical checkup. The vet evaluated his condition and took care of his wounds while he was sedated.

Even though the Stray Rescue of St. Louis’ team would love to continue taking care of Bar Crawl, they are just way over their capacity.

“We are officially WAY OVER max capacity again. All it takes is one day to turn everything upside down,” the SRSL wrote on their social media.

The team urges anyone near and available to take Bar Crawl on a foster basis, as this sweet boi definitely deserves a loving home. Right now, all he needs is some love and someone to understand him.

And, when the time comes, we’re absolutely positive that Bar Crawl will transform back into the beautiful, friendly boi he is!