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Severely Abused Dog Refuses To Trust Any Hooman That Approaches

Severely Abused Dog Refuses To Trust Any Hooman That Approaches

When some Good Samaritans noticed a pup running around South Bend, Indiana, obviously frightened and looking for shelter, they immediately decided to act.

The group tried to approach the adorable dog, but as soon as they got too close, the pup got frightened and swiftly ran away.

Before he ran away, however, the hoomans noticed something heartbreaking – the pup’s muzzle had been zip-tied shut.

With this realization, the group of rescuers knew they had to act fast.

Rescue Mission

black dog standing with harness
Source: Facebook

The determined hoomans thought that the best plan of action would be to call the South Bend Police for assistance.

Luckily, the police immediately responded, and a police officer by the name of Stephanie Northcutt arrived at the scene.

Since she knew that the pup did not trust hoomans, most likely due to past abuse as was suggested by the zip-tie, she decided to try a different approach.

Northcutt decided to squat down to the pup’s level and talk to him in a calm and soothing voice, reassuring him that there was nothing to be afraid of.

Since this was a great tactic to gain the trust of fearful dogs, the pup approached Officer Northcutt close enough for her to pet him.

The determined officer was then able to cut off the zip tie and finally free this pup.

Northcutt’s body cam captured the entire rescue:

Luckily, after his checkup, the pup was in perfect health.

However, what nobody knew – well, except for the pup and Northcutt – was that true love was born that day.

Love At First Sight

While rescuing this poor pup, Officer Northcutt felt a deep connection with him.

“Officer Northcutt said she knew the moment she laid eyes on the pup that he was the perfect addition to her family,” the South Bend Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

Being named Zeus, this pup was finally around people who cared for him.

police officer posing with dog
Source: Facebook

After spending some time together, Zeus was adopted by Officer Northcutt and became a part of her loving family.

The pup, who was unable to open his mouth, is now able to smile from ear to ear!

beautiful brown dog with hooman
Source: Facebook

This is not the first time that this incredible Officer adopted a pup in need.

“Zeus is actually the second dog that Officer Northcutt has rescued from a tough situation while on patrol. She joked that [police dispatchers] should stop sending her to animal calls because she will soon run out of room at her house!” the police department wrote.

dog outdoor standing with hooman
Source: Facebook

Final Word

The South Bend Police Department is determined to find out what exactly happened to this pup.

“The investigation continues into the circumstances surrounding Zeus’ zip tie. But, in the meantime, happy trails, Zeus — enjoy your new home!” officials wrote.

No matter what the police end up finding, the important thing is that Zeus is now being treated the way he deserves and is surrounded by people who love and adore him.