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Service Dog School Dropout Loves Helping His Mom Get Ready For Walks

Service Dog School Dropout Loves Helping His Mom Get Ready For Walks

Leo has always been set in his own ways, and that has brought him tons of fun along the way. But, the one thing he had never accomplished was to become a service dog.

This pawdorable English Lab failed the program because “the standards were too high,” (according to his mom), and the school definitely didn’t appreciate the fact that Leo loves using his intelligence – for his own benefit!

Instead, he found his own purpose in life. Leo is now a “service” dog to his momma, and he makes use of his training a little differently.

This is how…

Working On His Own Terms

dog taking a shoe to his owner

After two years of being in the program of Paws for Purple Hearts, a California-based service dog school, Leo found a forever home with Samantha Welborn. 

Still, it seems that some of the learned stuff stuck with him, as Leo uses his knowledge to “help” his momma on a daily basis. Even though he uses it for his own benefit for the most part – it’s just adorable seeing him “at service.”

The thing Leo loves doing the most is helping Sam get ready when she wants to go for a walk. He brings random things to her to “speed things up”, such as clothing items, socks, and shoes.

“I adopted him when he didn’t pass service dog school, he loves to bring me my things when he wants a walk,” Sam wrote in the video.

Sure, sometimes he even brings things that he’s not supposed to, but that’s just who he is. His mom is aware of Leo’s high intelligence and potential, but she also knows that he sometimes uses it to accomplish his own personal goals.

When he’s not in the mood of doing anything, Leo loves to pretend to be sleeping (but his open eyes give him away). And, when he wants to go out, he knows exactly how to encourage his mom to do so!

Helping Mom On A Daily Basis

Despite his little quirks, Sam loves every tiny detail about Leo. She knows how smart and emotionally intelligent he is, and she definitely doesn’t mind his “own little ways of persuasion.”

“Leo might have flunked out of service dog school, but he’s still the smartest dog I know,” Sam wrote in a TikTok video.

He and his mom have a blast almost on a daily basis! Both Sam and Leo love hiking in the mountains and taking long walks together. 

dog and his owner hiking

“Leo is the best adventure buddy,” his mom wrote on TikTok.

And, when they’re not enjoying fascinating sights outside, they simply enjoy each other’s company in their Colorado home.

Leo helps his mom a lot as an emotional-support dog. Whenever she feels stressed out, he makes sure to do anything to cheer her up. He may have not officially graduated from service dog school, but he’s definitely at service to his mom – at all times!