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Service Dog Keeps Making History With Her Very Own Master’s Degree

Service Dog Keeps Making History With Her Very Own Master’s Degree

For centuries now, doggos and hoomans have been inseparable.

Dogs make sure that they help their hoomans as much as they can, providing them with fun company, adorable tricks, and a lot of cuddles. This is especially true when it comes to service dogs.

Service dogs are trained to help the lives of hoomans in need by offering them support and companionship. They know how to cater to the unique needs of their owners, providing not only physical but also emotional support.

And, the pup of today’s story showed exactly how it is done.

One Golden Pup

gorgeous dog sitting outdoor
Source: @noodlepupper

An incredible pup named Noodle decided that nothing was going to stop her when it came to sticking by her owner.

After successfully completing a series of training courses in order to be a service dog, this Yellow Lab was adopted by a hooman named Jacklyn. And, when Jacklyn applied for a Master’s degree, Noodle decided to do so, too.

She enjoyed accompanying her mom to her classes every day, and without her even knowing, she was making history.

“She was the first and only dog to walk for Purdue University’s graduation this year,” Jacklyn told The Dodo.

dog with degree in school
Source: @noodlepupper

Noodle usually spent the classes napping at Jacklyn’s feet and drawing all of the attention onto her. She would also be her mom’s biggest support, loyally standing by her side through every single one of her homework assignments.

Since completing a master’s in business administration wasn’t easy at all, Noodle made sure to keep reminding Jacklyn that she was capable of doing it and that she should never give up.

And soon, all of their work paid off as they got an internship at Walt Disney Imagineering.  

noodle piece of paper
Source: @noodlepupper

Pup On The Job

Even before getting this internship, Noodle was an expert on everything Disney as the two had visited the theme park often. The pup was a very familiar face among the park’s cast members, and soon, she would become one herself.

The same way she was the first pup at Purdue University’s graduation ceremony, Noodle became, according to Disney Parks Blogs, the first doggo Imagineer in Florida.

While Jacklyn worked as a professional intern in the Imagineering department, Noodle patiently waited for her to finish so that they could explore the Florida Disney parks.

But, it didn’t matter to her if she spent the entire day in the office or seeing all the magical places – as long as Noodle was by Jacklyn’s side, she was one happy pup.

happy dog in disneyland
Source: @noodlepupper

Eventually, the two successfully completed their internship at Disneyworld and were able to return to Indiana in order to receive their diploma.  

Jacklyn was immensely proud of herself for finally completing her studies. However, she knew that her golden pup also played a huge role in it.

That is why when decorating her graduation cap, Jacklyn knew that she had to honor her trusty canine companion.

“She got her very own tassel from the university,” Jacklyn said.

dog and woman with degree hat
Source: @noodlepupper

Of course, Noodle proudly walked at Purdue University’s graduation ceremony in her fitted black gown and her adorable cap.

And, as soon as it was over, this golden girl celebrated in the best way possible!

“She enjoyed sticks after the ceremony,” Jacklyn concluded.

Final Word

Both Noodle and Jacklyn are now enjoying their lives proudly remembering their student days.

Even though they loved the time they spent during their masters and Disneyworld, these two girls are eagerly awaiting their next adventure!