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A Senior Rescue Dog Learns How To Be A Puppy Again Thanks To His Wonderful Family

A Senior Rescue Dog Learns How To Be A Puppy Again Thanks To His Wonderful Family

Eugene is a dog whose life wasn’t as pleasant as he would have wanted it.

He is 12 years old and suffering from a skin allergy issue. Eugene recently found a forever home where he needed some time to make himself feel comfortable.

New Life

dog lying
Source: The Dodo

When he arrived at his forever home, Eugene was extremely overwhelmed and not in the best shape.

He couldn’t stop trembling, and he was so malnourished that his bones were showing.  

For the first couple of hours of his stay, he paced around the house, trying to figure out what was going on.

“He just seemed really overwhelmed, kind of wanted to be near me but also wanted his space,” said Adrian, Eugene’s mom.

Adrian didn’t really know anything about Eugene before adopting him since it was quite a spontaneous adaptation. Nevertheless, she felt a sense of connection with him.

dog sitting in woman's lap
Source: The Dodo

Eugene was very overwhelmed by the open space of his home, so as soon as he found a dog bed tucked away, he settled in and finally felt safe.

And I was like, ‘Yes, success. We’ve got him in a bed. He knows he has a cozy place to sleep now’.

Thankfully, over time, Eugene started feeling more and more comfortable with his family. He would start wagging his tail when he would see them enter the room.

He would even approach his mom all on his own while she did some house chores.

woman folding laundry with dog in front of her
Source: The Dodo

I could see him slowly starting to open up to both me and my husband.

Brand-New Pup

The more comfortable Eugene started to get, the more his true personality came out.

Adrian came to find out that this old pup still holds on to the personality of a puppy and loves to switch between the two depending on his mood.  

photo of woman and senior dog
Source: The Dodo

He really does have, like, two distinct personalities. He has his puppy energy and he has his old man energy.

No matter if Eugene spends his day sleeping in his knitted sweater or running outside using up his energy, Adrian loves witnessing both.

The only thing she has to keep an eye out for is his body temperature, making sure he stays warm.

In order to do this, he wears sweaters all the time, sometimes even more than just one.  

dog on a leash walking on grass
Source: The Dodo

I think he knows how handsome he looks when he’s in his clothes. He shows off. He knows he’s a handsome boy.

A True Blessing

Even though Adrian finally gave Eugene a loving home that he deserves, she can’t help but think that she is the one who was blessed.

Eugene has completely changed our little family for the better.

woman and man sitting with three dogs
Source: The Dodo

This is just another one of those stories that remind us how impactful not only we can be to our pets, but also how big of a change their presence can bring into our lives.

Thanks to Adrian’s love and care, Eugene completely transformed from a trembling pup into a little puppy all over again… incredible!