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Senior Race Dog Finds Home After Five Years Of Desperate Waiting In The Kennel

Senior Race Dog Finds Home After Five Years Of Desperate Waiting In The Kennel

Flash… what a perfect name for a race dog. 

But, being a race dog was far from perfect. 

Flash has won many races in his life. Unfortunately, he was losing the most important one yet: the race that would bring him to his furever home.

This brave dog was stopped before hitting the finish line and tossed back to the beginning, back to the kennel where he was left alone.

With every new day Flash’s hope faded. He became certain his hooman wouldn’t come, ever. 

And then… a miracle happened! 

Flash was summoned for another race and he came out as the winner. 

His prize?

His new hoomans and a loving furever home.

The Race Of His Life

Adorable black dog
Source: Instagram

Have you ever wondered what happens to racing Greyhounds who finish their careers?

Yes, these dogs are athletes in the canine world, and they have their careers. In most cases, such dogs end up in adoption programs or rehabilitation. 

While it may sound normal (a dog getting his retirement, right?), it isn’t. Just imagine the cruel treatment many of these dogs have to endure.

The Humane Society of the United States shines a light on this matter:

Many racing dogs suffer injuries while racing; according to state records, a racing greyhound dies every three days on a Florida track. These social creatures are also forced to spend most of their time alone, confined to cages for 20-23 hours a day and denied the opportunity to walk or play.

Flash was one of the many Greyhounds that was a part of this statistic. 

After finishing his racing career, Flash was surrendered to a shelter where he was left alone and brokenhearted. It was a major change for him, but not for the good. Although his racing life was hard, his life in the kennel was even harder.

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Flash shut down, desperate to get a furever family… someone to love him. 

Year after year passed, and he still held the fort as the oldest shelter resident. It became clear to the volunteers that a retired racing Greyhound is less likely to get adopted. Seniors always get overlooked at shelters.

Still, not everything was lost.

Flash was summoned for one last race, and he ran as fast as he could into the hands of his new hoomom and hoodad.

A Brand-New Greyhound

Woman and three dogs
Source: Instagram

Flash’s story proves that hope definitely dies last. This poor boy was well into his senior years when a loving couple decided to bring him into their caring home. Flash got two sisters, Bonnie and Lulu, pawrents who would do anything for him, and he also got a place to feel safe.

Flash got a home, even though he didn’t feel like being at one in the first place. 

No wonder; the poor thing spent so many years tossed in the corner that he forgot what love feels and looks like. 

But, hoomom and hoodad knew Flash needed some time to warm up. 

“He looked sad. He was really shut down,” Flash’s hoomum said. 

Flash needed to take baby steps into his new world. Everything was so strange and scary.

Eventually, Flash started to get used to the idea of having a family. He stopped being scared of the little things like everyday house noise or his sisters zooming around. Flash embraced the change and grew with it, blossoming into a brand-new Greyhound.

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Source: Instagram

Once he opened up, hoomom and hoodad figured out what a true gem they got. Flash was such a goofball! He started loving life and all the little things like toys and playing in the garden with his sisters.

Oh, man, did he like the toys!

When Flash got his first toy, he transformed into a playful pup and showed everyone how sweet, caring, and adorable he can be. There, an obsession was born, and mom and dad were pretty much okay with it.

Flash’s life became complete: he now had everything.

This old Greyhound couldn’t wish for a better family to spend his golden years with. Hoomom and hoodad know what it’s like to take care of senior dogs. After all, they had Lulu and Bonnie, as well as the late Murphy, before getting Flash. 

Flash’s body is tired from the years of running races. He’s still sore, as if he’d run a mile yesterday. He needs to take things slow. His pawrents know that and they go on new adventures with caution. 

If they keep on doing such a great job, Flash will surely have many more years to come filled with happiness, sunny snoozes, cuddle sessions, and squeaky toys.

After all these lonely years, Flash deserves to be spoiled and showered with immense love. 

Flash’s Got Something To Say

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I know the story of a rejected and used Greyhound will haunt you the way it haunts me. We gotta do something about this dog breed and their exploitation. Think about it, please.

A while ago, Flash had to speak up and share his story on his Instagram account

“At last I had a comfy bed to sleep in. I got my happy ending but I shouldn’t have had to wait this long. No greyhound (or any breed) should have to wait as long as I did. Please consider us seniors if you’re in a position to adopt or foster a dog. My hoomans say you will not regret it.”