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This Senior Dog Was Abandoned By His Owner And Left To Starve Until His Amazing Rescuers Came

This Senior Dog Was Abandoned By His Owner And Left To Starve Until His Amazing Rescuers Came

Reading and watching rescue stories about dogs has always been both a good and a sad experience for me.

On one hand, I get depressed seeing dogs suffer… on the other, seeing them get a happy ending is very uplifting.

But, being reminded that there are so many of them suffering, even now, is a sad thing. For this story, we will talk about a senior dog who was abandoned by his previous owner.

His Heart Was Broken

man and sitting and petting the dog
Source: Hope For Paws

 After Hope For Paws received a text about an old dog who was abandoned in the suburbs of California, they sent help immediately.

They looked for the sweet pup throughout the streets, and came across a Good Samaritan who told them where he was.

Upon meeting some of the neighbors there, they told them that they managed to secure the dog and that he is safe.

close-up photo of scared dog
Source: Hope For Paws

All they had to do now was pick him up. It’s so wonderful seeing that people gathered together to help an old dog who needed them the most.

He was comfortable around the people from that neighborhood, which shows just how well they treated him.

His rescuers very gently placed a lucky leash on him and got him to go inside a kennel, so they could transport him into the car.

Brandon’s New Chance

dog in the back yard
Source: Hope For Paws

The dog, now named Brandon, was taken to a veterinarian clinic in California, so they could do a proper checkup on him.

One thing they noticed was how much old fur he had, and they helped him by brushing it off. After that, he looked happier and more grateful that they helped get rid of the fur.

Other than that, Brandon was in almost perfect health, and was almost ready to be signed up for adoption.

dog walking into a kennel
Source: Hope For Paws

They escorted him to the yard where he could finally relax a little bit and just enjoy his time. He realized that he was safe now.

However, his rescuers still had to find somebody to help Brandon. LA Animal Rescue offered to foster him until he found a forever home.

Even though he was only recently taken into foster care, I have no doubt that he will find someone special who will care for him.