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Senior Dog That Was Given Only A Month Proves His New Family He’s Tougher Than That

Senior Dog That Was Given Only A Month Proves His New Family He’s Tougher Than That

We cover plenty of stories here, but to me, the best ones are those that show the strength of canine perseverance in the face of adversity, their sheer will to live and press on.

Annie is a great example of this, a dog pushing well past the average doggy lifespan of 13 with her 19 years of age thanks to the love she receives from her adopted owners.

A Face Of Pure Joy

happy old dog lying in his bed
Annie enjoying a ride with her foster parents. Credit: Instagram

She was left at an animal shelter in Dallas, Texas by her previous owners who claimed she wouldn’t eat or walk with the doctor saying that he estimated she had around a month to live.

However, her new owners, Lauren Siler and Lisa Flores, saw that the old girl still had some fight in her and they wanted to make her remaining time on this world a memorable experience.

So, without much further thought, they took her in as a foster, but given the prognosis, they were allowed to keep her permanently.

Annie was delighted with this news and with her new owners as they started going all over to cross down items on the Black Lab’s very own bucket list that the two roommates made for her.

Experiencing The Best That Canine Life Has To Offer

old dog lying on the blanket outdoors
One of her bucket list items included getting a professional photoshoot. Credit: Instagram

From the estimated 1 month left to live, Annie has gone through… an astonishing 10 months or so, far exceeding the initial prognosis and is still going strong.

She has enjoyed everything from hamburgers to ice cream and walks across all sorts of American nature and attractions.

She has gone on wagon rides, dressed up in costumes, celebrated many holidays and has even been on the news.

Love From The Fans

dog sniffing amazon packages on front door
There’s so much fanmail, poor Annie can’t get out! Credit: Instagram

Lauren and Lisa aren’t the only ones who care about this wonder dog who refuses to give up. She has garnered millions of fans worldwide who follow her story and who even send her gifts, giving suggestions to and enabling the execution of the items on Annie’s bucket list.

Both Annie and her owners are delighted by the attention and their hope is to spread the message that adoption and foster care should be more prominent options for future pet parents.

They feel like a lot of dogs like Annie exist out there who are just looking for another chance to enjoy life before their time comes.

All Good Things Must Come To An End

old dog sleeping on the floor
Annie resting after a long day filled with activities. Credit: Instagram

However, Annie’s owners realize that this won’t last forever. Annie is already well past the average canine lifespan and every day could be her last.

That’s why they make sure that Annie gets to enjoy every last second of it and they keep her in good health to stretch that remaining time as long as possible.

They won’t regret a moment of it because all the time spent with dear Annie was precious and they wouldn’t take any of it back.

Hopefully, this story helps inspire you to consider giving an old foster dog a chance of your own if you’re able to provide one. If not, I’m sure sharing Annie’s wonderful story is more than enough.

Until next time, pet parents.