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Senior Dog Left At Shelter For ‘Being Boring’, But The Reason Was Far More Serious

Senior Dog Left At Shelter For ‘Being Boring’, But The Reason Was Far More Serious

Honey’s story is really a sad one.

In her lifetime, she lost her home, not once, but twice. All she wanted was a little cozy place that she could call home, but life had other plans.

This sweet Husky girl was adopted by a family in Tampa, Florida, during Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center’s Adoption Event. When she finally went to her new home, she couldn’t have been happier.

Then, a heartbreak unfolded, leaving Honey all alone once again.

Abandoned For The Second Time

After five years in the first home, Honey ended up in a shelter because one of the family members had an allergy. This resilient girl endured it all, hoping that she’d eventually find another hooman family to take care of her.

Then, when it finally happened, Honey was let down once again. This time – it was because “she was boring.”

“The adopter found that she didn’t eat much while in their care and showed little interest in treats. She had no interest in toys or playing. Honey is very quiet, calm, and spends most of her day sleeping,” the volunteers wrote on the Rescue Me Tampa page.

dog on carpet
Source: Julie Bassett

She was surrendered to a shelter, awaiting the inevitable, but luckily, her stay there didn’t last long. Thanks to Julie Bassett, the rescuer of Husky Life Rescue, Polk County, Florida, she was taken to a temporary home where she could finally relax at her own pace.

At the age of ten, as everyone believed her to be, Honey appeared to be extremely depressed. Even though she had the sweetest personality and was a lover, she wasn’t very active – but there was a reason!

Shocking Surprise

It turned out that Honey wasn’t boring after all – she was extremely sick! And, what’s even a bigger shock, she wasn’t ten at all, but fifteen!

“Honey was taken to the veterinarian today. We have been informed that honey is actually closer to 15 years old. Her liver and pancreas were elevated quite high. She does have a UTI and respiratory infection. It’s no wonder she was “boring.” Kind of hard to be motivated when you feel so bad,” HLR wrote on Facebook.

Julie was saddened by the news, but was inclined to take care of Honey as long as needed. She was admitted to the North Polk Animal Hospital, and her treatment began. 

Even though she was in really bad shape when she first arrived there, it took only two days for Honey to feel better.

Thanks to medications and pancreatitis therapy, the vets managed to treat Honey successfully. She’s slowly starting to feel like her old self, getting that old glow.

Despite her age, Honey is a big lover! She enjoys belly rubs and cuddles with the staff, and she definitely knows how to reciprocate all the love she receives.

Honey is expected to make full recovery, but she needs a while before she’s fully ready to go into a forever home. For now, she’s just enjoying the fact that she is safe!