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14-Year-Old Dog Left All Alone In This World Now Smiles With Her New Family

14-Year-Old Dog Left All Alone In This World Now Smiles With Her New Family

How sad it is to see a dog being forced to leave its beloved home after so many years?

Those tiny, four-legged furballs looking all confused and sad while trying to settle in a shelter just break my heart!

And, recently, it broke again when I learned about Jade’s story!

After more than a decade in a loving family, this black doggo girl lost the one place she had loved the most. Her family couldn’t take care of her as they were left homeless, and now, Jade was, too!

She looked completely shut down as she was forced to ‘say’ one last goodbye to her comfy life. Jade tried her best to get used to her new environment that now was a four-wall kennel, but with no success.

Then, as her hopes started to fade away, a hooman-shaped-miracle appeared!

Left At The Shelter For Good

black dog left alone
Source: @alisynnn333

The kind people of Philly Rescue Angels, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, did everything in their power to make their facility as cozy as possible for Jade.

Still, at fourteen years of age and zero experience with shelter life, there was so little that they could do.

“Jade is a sweet senior who was surrendered to a high intake shelter when her owner became homeless. Being 14 years old, and a black bully breed, we knew her chances to make it out alive were slim,” the rescue wrote on Instagram.

Jade seemed extremely depressed upon arrival, not even being able to lift her head up. On top of all that, she was already coping with progressed arthritis and tooth decay.

Given her age and her breed, no one expected that this senior lady would ever find a home again. But then, it happened!

A woman named Alisyn Davidson, and her partner learned Jade’s story, and they immediately rushed to help.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

happy black dog sitting in the car
Source: @alisynnn333

The couple already fostered from this Pennsylvania shelter before, and now was the time for another good deed!

Jade’s eyes lit up as soon as Alisyn approached her, which was a good sign. But, boi did she get excited once she stepped into a car, realizing that she’s off to a new home!

That day, the new chapter of Jade’s life began, and this senior girl couldn’t have been happier. Within days, she transformed into this happy-go-lucky pup that loves everything about her new life.

two black dogs laying down
Source: @alisynnn333

She fit perfectly into her new family and even formed a nice bond with Alisyn’s other pets – a dog and a cat. 

Jade became completely unrecognizable. Despite her age, she had so much enthusiasm in her! It was so heartwarming seeing this surrendered dog come out of her shell in the most beautiful way possible.

Not only did she overcome the abandonment heartbreak, but she embraced her new chance with paws wide open!

happy black dog standing
Source: @alisynnn333

Even though it all started out as a foster-based rescue, Alisyn and her partner couldn’t let Jade feel alone again. That’s why this couple made the decision to provide a home for Jade – for good!

“We could all use some good news, and we are happy to announce Jade has been picked up from the shelter and is safe in a foster home,” the rescue announced in an Instagram update.

Who would’ve thought that a 14-year-old dog would find her way to a new home just days after she was abandoned? But, it happened – all thanks to Jade’s new pawrents. 

Today, Jade enjoys her well-deserved retirement far away from the shelter life. Her golden days are filled with endless love, cuddles, and playtime, and isn’t that what every dog should have?