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Senior Dog Lights Up The Streets With Pure Joy As He Sees His Old Friend Once Again

Senior Dog Lights Up The Streets With Pure Joy As He Sees His Old Friend Once Again

Just as a dog is a human’s best friend, so a dog’s whole world revolves around its favorite person. However, this does not necessarily mean that our canine fellows cannot form a strong friendship with each other over time. 

After all, they are pack animals that once had to stick together to survive. That emotion remains to this day, only it manifests itself differently. 

The same manifestation was shown by one sweet senior dog who could not hide his excitement when he saw his old friend on the street after so long.

Although both of them were already quite old, and thus, had fewer opportunities for a play date, they showed that this emotion of true friendship still simmered somewhere deep in their hearts.

Long Time No See

happy dog on the street
Source: @jennastubs

When Errol, a Basset Hound who was adopted as a puppy, came to his new home, his family could not have dreamed of how many years this dog would bring immense joy to them. 

In the time they spent together, he and his family went through a lot, but Errol always remained a cheerful and smiling pup. 

Along the way, apart from developing an obsession with biting paper, he became known for making new friends. And, of the many he met, the dog, Romeo, was etched deep in his heart

Romeo is Errol’s neighbor, and the two met when Errol’s mom was assigned to look after Romeo until his parents returned from their trip. Since then, Romeo and Errol have become inseparable.

“Whereas Errol loves all other dogs, Romeo can be a bit picky, so I’ve always loved that Romeo decided to be Errol’s friend,” Jenna Schwartz, Errol’s mom, told The Dodo.

After they grew up and became senior dogs, they didn’t see each other often anymore. Nevertheless, they still used to go out for walks and play together from time to time. 

dog with cone around his neck at home
Source: @jennastubs

Unfortunately, after a while, Errol fell ill and had to undergo surgery, and his recovery took quite a long time. For six weeks, Errol and Romeo did not see each other until one day, which will forever remain marked in their hearts.

Uncontainable Joy Of Reunion

dog driving in the specially made stroller
Source: @jennastubs

After Errol finally recovered, Jenna decided to replace the monotony of the house with a walk outside in the fresh air. 

Although she knew that this would be a pleasing experience for Errol after so much time spent between four walls, she could not have guessed what a beautiful moment it would lead to. 

While driving Errol in his wagon in their neighborhood, she felt that her doggo became overly excited. He began to move, and suddenly a howl could be heard, “A-wooo A-wooo!” 

At first, she did not understand what it was about, but when she looked a little closer in front of her, it was immediately clear to her. His good old friend, Romeo, was coming from the other direction, and Errol couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw him. 

When they finally got close to each other, both of them were so happy that they even booped their little noses together. 

two dog friends kissing
Source: @jennastubs

It was that true love that can only be born from a deep friendship like this. Even Romeo, who often plays it cool, could not control his emotions.

“Part of what made that reunion so special is how excited Romeo was to see Errol,” Jenna said. “Errol is always excited to see his friends, but Romeo sometimes plays it cool. This time was different — they were both clearly very excited to see each other, and it was so heartwarming.”

Jenna couldn’t resist recording these touching moments and posting the video on her TikTok profile.

She knew that this reunion would melt many hearts, but she herself could not have guessed that it would cause so many positive reactions. 

Finally, she rounded off this beautiful story with a comment that every dog ​​owner should read, and every other person as well. 

“People have mentioned how great it is to see two old friends reunite,” Jenna said. “I think the video is a great reminder that it’s never too late to rekindle an old friendship. I’m sure everyone has a friend that you might not see very often, but every time you do, it’s like you were never apart. Friendships like that are so special, and not just exclusive to humans.”

This story is definitely the best testimony to that.