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Starving Senior Dog Found Collapsed On A Sidewalk Saved At The Last Minute

Starving Senior Dog Found Collapsed On A Sidewalk Saved At The Last Minute

After people noticed a dog who was lying unconscious on a sidewalk in Brooklyn, they were left heartbroken, fearing the worst. The senior pup was extremely emaciated and her ribs were showing.

When the onlookers realized that the doggo, later named Feisty, was still alive, their hearts were filled with joy and hope that she would pull through. 

Many people started posting urgent pleas for help on Facebook, which caught the attention of Second Chance Rescue, based in New York City. The kind-hearted bystander, along with the rescue staff, rushed the dog to the emergency hospital.

Giving Feisty The Help She Needed

dog collapsed on the street
Source: @nycscr

After Feisty arrived at the hospital, the vets were brokenhearted to see her in such a terrible state. Apart from being severely underweight, the canine’s skin was infected and she had patches of fur missing. 

“She was covered in urine and fleas, and her nails were so overgrown they were embedded into her paw pads. But the biggest concern was the masses on her body and whether they were cancerous or benign,” said Rachel Larkin, the rescue’s director of social media.

She was immediately given antibiotics, pain relievers, and fluids. 

dog in a bad condition lying
Source: @nycscr

The hospital staff fell in love with Feisty as soon as they met her. She was the most adorable dog who had craved affection for so long. They gave her many kisses and cuddles. The senior canine was very thankful for the love and care that she received.

When the rescue volunteers paid her a visit at the hospital, Feisty was happy to see them. Her tail constantly wagged as she covered them with kisses. The volunteers were glad to see that she looked so much better.

The Happiest News

Ever since Feisty was found on the sidewalk, everyone suspected that she had cancer. The shelter looked for a hospice, but a wonderful family took Feisty in, wishing to make the remainder of her life as happy as possible.

As soon as Feisty moved in with her foster family, she stole their hearts. They felt an instant and strong bond with the sweet pup.

Her family couldn’t contain their happiness when the dog’s biopsy results came in, revealing that she didn’t have cancer. That was the best news they could ever get.

Feisty was not a hospice anymore. She was a healthy canine who needed a home and her foster family knew that she belonged with them. Feisty’s foster parents happily filled out the adoption application. 

They were both grateful and overjoyed that the delightful pup would be a part of their family forever.

Feisty, who is now known as FeeFee, fell in love with her new life. 

She finally has a family who loves her and cherishes her immensely. Feisty blossomed into the happy dog that she was always meant to be.

“She’s begun to bark and (respectfully) demands cuddles, food and attention … She LOVES visitors and meeting everyone during walks. It is very important to her to greet everyone,” Ursula Schmidt, Feisty’s forever mom told The Dodo.

I’m thrilled that Feisty found a loving family who adores her. The delightful doggo deserved to find her happily-ever-after.

Huge thanks to the Good Samaritan who rushed Feisty to the hospital and to all the good humans who helped the sweet pup find the happiness and love she always dreamed of having.