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Scared Senior Dog Can’t Stop Shaking Until He Feels True Love

Scared Senior Dog Can’t Stop Shaking Until He Feels True Love

One problem that is really difficult to deal with in the animal rescue world is finding help for many senior dogs.

Because of their age, most people overlook them when trying to adopt, and to some degree, we can’t really judge anyone. 

However, it’s also important to understand that so many of these older animals have so much love to give – they just need someone willing to give them a chance.

For this story, we will talk about the sweetest senior dog who was so scared and shaking until the most wonderful thing happened.

Bruno Was So Scared

puppy shaking
Source: YouTube

When Shira received a video of Bruno, where she saw him shaking uncontrollably, she knew she had to do something.

She told The Dodo: “I could just tell he wanted to be this sweet old man, but he was just too scared.” 

Shira took him to her car and tried to calm him down with some cuddles. After about ten minutes, something changed.

Bruno stopped shaking and was really relaxed with Shira. At that moment, he understood that he was safe and that his new caretaker wanted to help him.

woman with puppy in the car
Source: YouTube

When she took him to a safe place, she gave him a nice, warm bath because his fur was really sticky.

He seemed so happy after the shower that he just decided to take a long nap.

Shira said: “He just passed out, and it’s probably the first peaceful sleep he’s had in God knows how long.

Bruno’s New Foster Mom

puppy with yellow raincoat
Source: YouTube

The next day, Shira found him a foster mom, Chekechea, who saw his story and just wanted to help him feel loved.

He has been through so much trauma, and it was finally time for him to start enjoying his life again.

Chekechea loves to sing for him before bedtime as it calms him down and helps him fall asleep.

After Bruno got used to being around his new foster mom, his personality really started to show. She said: “He’s really like a little grumpy old man.

puppy on safe
Source: YouTube

He really loves being around everyone, but then he has periods where he just prefers to be on his own.

Chekechea really loved him and wanted to keep him, but couldn’t because of her very busy schedule. 

She knew it was best for Bruno to find someone who could commit to spending a lot of time with him.

Bruno’s Forever Home

man with mask holding puppy
Source: YouTube

They managed to find a potential adopter for him. A man named Armen came to meet Bruno, and it was apparent at the start that the two just clicked.

This sweet dog just relaxed immediately after he met his new owner, and it was very easy for Armen to make that decision to adopt him.

He was taken to his forever home where he could start over again and just enjoy being with his new dad.

A few weeks went by and Shira thought it would be nice if she checked on Bruno to see how he was doing.

Upon visiting Armen’s home, it was clear that Bruno was having the time of his life and loved his new home.

Everyone is just so happy that this sweet senior dog managed to overcome his fears and find someone wonderful who would take care of him.