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Sweet And Patient Abandoned Senior Dog With Matted Fur Is Completely Unrecognizable After His Makeover

Sweet And Patient Abandoned Senior Dog With Matted Fur Is Completely Unrecognizable After His Makeover

Whenever one comes across a dirty, matted pup, it is immediately clear that they aren’t having a happy and healthy life fit for a dog.

This was the case of Chewie, a sweet eight-year-old doggo who was carelessly abandoned after his family moved away from their rental property.

Chewie didn’t really take this too well. He had no family, no love, and nobody to care for his health. Luckily, he was noticed by incredible rescuers who gave him a makeover and a life truly worth living.

A Much-Needed Makeover

When he arrived at the shelter, Mel, the shelter’s groomer, welcomed him with open hands and a broken heart. She couldn’t believe that somebody could abandon such a cute boy and allow him to get into this bad of a state.

Mel immediately started working on him, hoping that he would allow her to give him a bath and a much-needed haircut.

Because such matted fur can hide wounds, fleas, irritated skin, or other skin issues, groomers have to be very careful when attending to these pups, ensuring that they don’t hurt them even more.

Mel started to slowly cut off the long mats covering Chewie’s face before moving to the ones covering his body. She was pretty shocked when she realized the big tummy that was hiding underneath that fur.

“There is something surprising that she notices almost right away. Even though he was abandoned, he is overweight. A severely overweight dog is just as much a sign of neglect,” Rocky Kanaka stated in a TikTok video.

Another very noticeable thing was an ulcerated eye. Such a condition usually results from some kind of injury like an accident, attack from another animal, or physical abuse.

However, one incredible thing that must be addressed is how well Chewie behaved during his little spa day. His haircut, bath, and even the drying process went by so smoothly that everybody at the shelter was left in complete shock.  

And, of course, Mel made sure to let him know just how good of a boy he was by showering him with positive affirmations throughout the entire process.

When he was finally all clean and dry, with combed and shiny fur, trimmed nails, and even a shaped mustache, Chewie’s beauty truly shined.

And, it came as no surprise when Frosted Faces Foundation, a nonprofit animal rescue in Ramona, California, decided to pull Chewie out of the shelter and take him into their loving care.

He is now spending his days at the California rescue having fun and patiently waiting for a loving family to take him in and give him the happy life he deserved all along.

Final Word

Unfortunately, abandoned pups aren’t a rare sight.

I fear that many hoomans tend to forget that abandoning these precious creatures may not only subject them to physical pain but also emotional distress.

We all know that dogs are inherently trusting creatures that form deep bonds with their hoomans. When they are suddenly abandoned and left to fend for themselves, they are extremely confused and can become sad, depressed, and even violent.

So please, if you are no longer able to care for your puppers for whatever reason, surrender them to your local shelter and give them a second chance. They deserve it!