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Storytime: Wait ‘Til You See What These Dog Owners Have To Tell their Dogs

Storytime: Wait ‘Til You See What These Dog Owners Have To Tell their Dogs

Getting a dog is a commitment you have to be prepared to take on. At this point, there’s no turning back. You’ve got that much-wanted pup; now you need to take care of it.

A lot of dog owners see their dogs as part of the family. This should always be the case.

If you ever doubted that dogs are smart creatures, you can let go of all your doubts now. Doggos are precious creatures that always surprise us. And if their antics are caught on camera, even better!

Those of you who still have doubts will be reassured when you take a look at this TikTok video trend. Telling pups stories using their favorite words is an adorable trend we don’t want to go away. Ever.

Treats, walk, grandma, ball, stick…

These are only some of the words dogs simply LOVE to hear. Actually, we’re pretty sure these are the only words dogs wanna hear. Something goes on inside their little brains the moment they hear one of them, and the reaction is instantaneous: from zoomies to jumping up and down and knocking down their owners!

Such joy can’t be suppressed. And it’s not supposed to be!

funny dog

Here’s the real-life proof many of us have been looking for half of our lives: dogs do understand us. They’re much more intelligent than we think. They’re probably just being stubborn with us and selectively choosing what and what not to hear. Smartypants, aren’t they?

These videos start with the owner sitting the dog down and announcing there’s a story to be told. Goodie, goodie – a story! Oh, the look on their cute faces gets so serious and curious! Turning their heads, twisting around, and quickly jumping up are just some of the tricks that show how much a dog understands you and loves hearing those words.

The reaction of the first dog in the compilation, Max, is priceless. The moment he hears the word grandma, he drops that big old bone he’s chewing on and raises his ears. Please, do tell me more!

Seems like grandma has a special place in this pup’s heart. It has to be because of all the treats he’s getting from her! YUM!

The word grandma got a better response than walk or treat. But Ellie, the next Pittie in the video, took it to another level after hearing pussycat! Chasing cats must be her favorite way of spending the afternoon!

The same goes for the German Shepherd. This little fella didn’t even wait to hear the beginning of the story before he started his excited dance! Stick ‘til the end to see the last pup who became hungry in a second.

That slippery tongue and widened eyes waiting to swallow something up are all you’ll need today.

All these dogs have one thing in common: they’re hungry for love, games, and of course, treats.

Do you think you could feed them enough of everything? No matter how big they get, they’ll always be our cute little babies!

Have you checked out our compilation of priceless pups yet? Which reaction deserves a gold medal from you?