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Seconds From Euthanasia, Beasley, The Rescue Dog Finds A Loving Home

Seconds From Euthanasia, Beasley, The Rescue Dog Finds A Loving Home

Every dog deserves a loving family, and Beasley couldn’t have asked for a better one. 

They saved him when he needed it the most, and quite literally gave him a second lease on life. 

As the clock ticked down on his life, with the help of some amazing people, the most magical thing happened and Beasley’s life took an extraordinary turn. 

He is now one happy and very loved dog who finally has the perfect home filled with love, fun, and security… something that he dreamed about all his life.  

Against All Odds 

Beasley was found tied up in Houston, severely underweight and starved. 

He ended up in Houston’s municipal animal shelter, but was quickly put on the euthanasia list because he was a medical case. 

It was truly a life or death situation for him.

Luckily, Dizzy Dog Animal Rescue, from North Carolina, stepped up and saved this sweet boy. They pulled him out of this high-kill shelter and provided him with a foster home. 

Beasley had bullet fragments in his hind legs, significant dental issues, and he required lots of medical care. 

His teeth were broken because he was eating trash when he was found. 

After he was finally healthy and everything else was cleared up, Beasley was up for adoption. 

“This little gremlin face popped up, and I was, who was that? My partner was like, absolutely not,” Cory, Beasley’s new mom, told GeoBeats Animals.

Cory and her partner, Andrew, were already part of the Dizzy Dog family, as they had adopted one of their rescue dogs, Roman. 

Their hands were pretty much full with Roman, who was also saved from euthanasia, but Cory had instantly fallen in love with this cute little boy and was adamant to make him a new family member. 

Lo and behold, Andrew agreed to adopt and Beasley moved to Portland, into his new home. 

New Lease On Life 

From the moment they met in person, it was evident that Beasley truly belonged to this family. 

“Tail was wagging, looking for pets. Opened the car door, jumped right in, he was like, let’s go. He was like, ‘Hey, I’m here. Thanks for the new place.’,” Cory said. 

Beasley is a sweet little dog that weighs around 50 pounds, although in pictures, he looks a lot bigger. 

“You know when he’s comfy, because he puts the tongue out,” Beasley’s mom said. 

He loves to play with his favorite toys and hold hands with his humans. “He’ll just look at you, and he’ll daydream into your eyes.”

Beasley is a very easy, go with the flow, dog. 

In his adoption post, Dizzy Dog rescue described him perfectly:  

“He is a friend to everyone he meets (humans, big/small and four legged). He is on the low end of moderate energy. He enjoys walks and naps. He snores and snorts sometimes. He really loves to cuddle

Beasley and his brother, Roman, enjoy a very loved and spoiled life… exactly like they deserve, especially after everything they’ve been through. 

“I just wanna make sure he’s having fun and that he doesn’t feel left out of anything. I feel like if anything Beasley has felt in his life, it was likely left out. And I just wanna make sure he always feels like he’s included,” Cory said.  

With these wonderful pawrents, I am confident that Beasley will never feel left out. 

Check out Beasley’s story here: