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Shocked School Worker Discovers A Furry Baby Buried Under An Old Couch In Trash

Shocked School Worker Discovers A Furry Baby Buried Under An Old Couch In Trash

No dog wants to be abandoned by its family. Yet there they are, countless furry babies stuck in what can only be described as the worst of places.

Imagine their fear the moment they realize that they no longer have a home. And, now, add to that the fear of constant danger and lack of food and the fact that they do not have a proper shelter to hide from harsh weather conditions. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for many dogs out there, including Patsy.

After being abandoned in the most cruel way, this poor girl struggled in the trash at a local school yard in California… until, one day, a school worker noticed her!

In Desperate Need Of Help

dog walking by the cars
Source: Suzette Hall

Patsy was buried under an old couch that happened to be in a pile of other trash. No one knew how long she had been there, but as soon as the school worker noticed some movement, he decided to investigate.

Then, he noticed a small head popping out of it – and immediately rushed into action.

He contacted Suzette Hall of Logan’s Legacy, from Irvine, California, who immediately responded.

woman holding the dog
Source: Suzette Hall

When she arrived at the spot, she was absolutely heartbroken to see little Patsy struggling.

“The trash pile was furniture, bins, old light fixtures and piled so high. Poor baby had Velcro buried under her fur, in every part of her. Thank God she popped her head up and a wonderful worker at the school noticed her,” Hall wrote in a Facebook post.

Together with her fellow rescuers, Hall immediately set a humane trap and lured Patsy out. Even though she was quite scared when she first encountered strange hoomans, she was also relieved that someone finally came to her aid.

The pup was taken to a local vet for further treatment. She needed it so much!

From Trash To Treasure

sad matted dog
Source: Suzette Hall

Patsy had several issues, including a matted coat, severe dehydration, and skin issues. Due to the Velcro entwined in her fur, she was unable to go potty. 

“Poor baby had to medically be shaved down. The Velcro was so entwined in her fur that she couldn’t even go to the bathroom and was on fluids for dehydration. And She has skin issues. But she feels so good. Other than that, she is a perfect treasure,” Hall added in an update post.

Her matted coat was successfully removed, and now, Patsy looked like a brand-new dog. In comparison to what she looked like before, she transformed into the sweetest princess ever! And she loved her new look!

photo of dog after a haircut
Source: Suzette Hall

The team of rescuers was extremely happy to see Patsy feeling good for the first time in what felt like forever.

With the sweetest eyes and the gentlest character, she was, indeed, the perfect treasure! And, most importantly, she was finally in good hands!

Patsy still needs time to acclimate to new circumstances, but there’s no doubt that, when the time comes, she’ll find a suitable home. She definitely deserves one filled with love, care, and laughter. The one that she had never had before!