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Jogger Finds Pit Bull Chained Deep In The Woods Screaming For Help

Jogger Finds Pit Bull Chained Deep In The Woods Screaming For Help

When we read stories like Llana’s, we can’t help but wonder – why would someone do that to a dog?

This Pittie girl hit rock bottom when a cruel individual tied her deep in a wooded area off the Bronx River Parkway, in New York. Llana was abandoned with only a 2-foot chain, and with no one near to help her.

Alone and absolutely petrified, the dog lived her life in fear until one day, a giant-hearted jogger stopped to help!

From Fear To The Biggest Smile

pitbull chained to a tree
Source: ABC News 

A man was jogging through the woods one night when he heard helpless barking from the dense woods

Since it was dark, he decided to return the next morning and look for a dog. After an intense search, he spotted a desperate dog chained to one of the trees in the middle of nowhere. 

He contacted Craig Fields, a long-time rescuer of the New York Bully Crew, who rushed to the spot immediately. 

“A jogger who was running through there the night before heard barking and went back the next day to find our special girl in the dense woods. She was so scared and confused and was acting aggressively because of this. Who could blame her,” NYBC wrote.

a brown pit bull with its tongue out is lying in the car
Source: @llanagirl

For the first few minutes, Llana was frantically barking in the attempt to defend herself, but Craig just knew the way to her heart. He calmly offered her some food and waited for her to realize that he wouldn’t harm her.

A few moments later, Llana relaxed a bit and she even started eating food from his hand. While she was eating, Craig successfully put a leash on her head and got the poor girl into his car.

Even though she was still confused, it was evident that Llana’s initial shock vanished within hours. In a way, it was as if she knew that from that moment on, she would always be safe. But, she needed some time.

Llana Found The Pawfect Home

portrait of a man holding a child in his arms and two pit bulls
Source: @llanagirl

It only took Llana a few short weeks to transform into a brand-new dog. Together with Craig, she quickly acclimated to life around hoomans, and let her true self blossom. 

It was truly rewarding seeing a scared dog exhibiting her true personality. Llana was nothing but a giant cuddle bug who couldn’t stop smiling after she finally got warm treatment from her rescuers. 

Three months after she was saved, this rescue doggo found her dream home – the one she could only dream about!

“Llana’s family is so dedicated to her that they spent weeks getting to know her, spent time at the NYBC facility, put in the effort with their dog prior to introducing them and continues to put forth effort and responsibility,” wrote NYBC on their Facebook.

portrait of two brown pit bulls
Source: @llanagirl

An amazing couple brought Llana into their spacious house, but this sweet girl got so much more! Aside from her new mom and dad, Llana has a doggo sibling named Ruckus and a wonderful baby sister named Tea.

Despite the fact that she didn’t have a chance to be around a big family before, she embraced everyone in a heartbeat! 

She literally can’t imagine her life without her siblings anymore, as she now spends every single moment with them. And, when she needs to stay at home with Ruckus for a few hours, she always makes sure to welcome her hoomans with so much enthusiasm!

a smiling little girl pours water on herself and a pit bull
Source: @llanagirl

“We return home and they have their crazy wigglebutts and just cuddle in our laps every time we sit,” Llana’s owners wrote on Instagram.

They play together, eat together, take cozy naps together, and make sure to always be around each other. For Llana and her family, every new day is a brand-new adventure!

You can keep up with Llana and her family on her official Instagram!