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A Scared Dog Suffering From A Terrible Medical Condition Learns What It’s Like To Love Again

A Scared Dog Suffering From A Terrible Medical Condition Learns What It’s Like To Love Again

There are thousands of puppies in the world that pass away every day due to horrible conditions they’re exposed to. They’re left at the mercy of the street, not being able to find their furever home or at least a shelter to hide in.

Mila, the female street puppy, was left on the street with no one to help her. She was already at the progressed stage of anemia and her legs couldn’t carry her any longer. She seemed like a lost cause until a man came by and decided that today is not the day she passes away…

Mila Was Found Sick And Anemic On The Street

sick and traumatized puppy on the street
Source: YouTube

Esdras Andrade is a man who has been voluntarily rescuing street animals since he was thirteen years old. When he received a call about Mila, he immediately came to the spot and decided to help her.

At that point, Mila was extremely malnourished, sick, and anemic. To make things even worse, she was very traumatized and scared of people, but didn’t have any strength to run away. 

She basically surrendered to Esdras not knowing that he would be the first human touch she’d ever feel!

Gaining Her Trust Back Was Not An Easy Process

sick puppy lying in the bed
Source: Esdras Andrade

Left in such a horrible condition, she had a long way to go to gain her trust in humanity back. 

The first time she stepped into her safe house, she was extremely shy and didn’t exhibit much of a character. But, one thing was evident – she was a sweet puppy that craved love and kindness!

Esdras got rid of her dirty coat and decided to bath Mila, probably for the first time ever!

Her First Bath Ever

Surprisingly, she didn’t complain at all when he put her in a tub and started bathing her. Quite the contrary – it was as if she felt relieved and relaxed for the first time in a long time.

“Mila is feeling much better. For the first time she was bathed, the shower gel made her skin so much softer and scented. The friendliness and gentleness are what we feel from Mila.”

Waiting For A New Home

man hugging a puppy he rescued
Source: Esdras Andrade

After only a week of being in a new, nurturing environment, Mila has already started feeling so much better. She wasn’t even as scared as she was the first time Esdras brought her. 

She started eating better, moving around the house, and exploring her new shelter with her sweet, enthusiastic nose. A beautiful, gentle temperament underneath her sad eyes evolved, making Mila an affectionate and pleasant companion.

From now on, she’s ready to meet her new family and begin a beautiful journey as a family dog. And, we really hope she finds it!