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Dog Mom Scared Of Any Human Interaction Transforms When She Feels Love

Dog Mom Scared Of Any Human Interaction Transforms When She Feels Love

So many times, we have covered stories where we keep seeing dogs who are just so scared of any human interactions that they outright avoid us all together.

The question is, how long is this going to keep happening? Until we have that answer, the best any of us can do is make sure to make all dogs feel welcome and safe in our presence.

Even simply making a phone call to your local shelter might be enough if they can rescue an animal.

In this story, we will talk about an adorable mama dog who was so scared of other humans because she thought that they might harm her and her baby.

A Very Protective Mother

scared mama dog
Source: Animal Rescue

When a group of animal rescuers received a text about a scared mama dog living in a small forest near a river, they were scared that something might happen to them, so they went to help.

They found her pretty quickly, and noticed that she was just so scared of any human interaction that she crawled into a small hole to protect herself.

The rescuers didn’t want to push her, and they were very slow and careful with her so that she might relax a little bit.

It didn’t work, as the closer they got, the deeper she went into the hole in the ground. They noticed that her baby was also there, and she was just trying to protect her.

dog eating
Source: Animal Rescue

So, instead of pulling her out, they prepared a food trap in hopes that hunger would get her to come out and relax a little.

Naturally, she was hungry and went out to eat, which gave the rescuers an opening to take her.

The little puppy also followed and they were finally rescued together, thanks to the effort of the amazing rescuers.

A New Adventure For The Dog Family

dog in a kennel
Source: Animal Rescue

Now was the time to take them to a safe place. One of the rescuers took them to his home and looked out for them.

He noticed that both the mama dog and her puppy had a big appetite and loved eating anything they could get their paws on.

In his home, the mom relaxed a lot more, and her caretaker even got a cuddle session out of her.

A few days have gone by and the mama dog and her baby are so much happier than the day they were rescued.

mama dog and puppy in a kennel
Source: Animal Rescue

Her caretaker introduced her to the other dogs in the house and they all seem to get along with each other nicely.

He also thought that giving them names would be appropriate, so he named the mom Dora, and her puppy, Finn. 

The two have made amazing progress since they were saved by their amazing rescuers. 

While it’s unclear if their caretaker adopted them, one thing that is certain is that they are now finally safe and enjoying their life.