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Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are the Swiss ’ gentle giants and beloved members of the canine family. They are most popular as kind family pets and companions for children – although they also make amazing watchdogs.

Saint Bernard Growth Chart How Big Will This Puppy Grow

Saint Bernard Growth Chart: How Big Will This Puppy Grow?

A great tool for estimating the size of a Saint Bernard puppy. Learn how big this dog will get!

Saint Bernard dog lying in the grass

Meet 23 Saint Bernard Mixes: A List Of Heavenly Good Boys

Come and meet these hybrid pooches that will win you over with their endearing personality and sound mind. Pick your favorite one!

saint bernard sitting

Saint Bernard Colors Explained: Fun Patterns You Didn’t Know Existed

There are many Saint Bernard colors available, but not all are considered desirable. Why are some colors better than others?

Mini St. Bernard lying on grass

Mini St. Bernard: 14 Reasons To Own Or Not Own It

The combination of two purebred dogs has resulted in a unique mini mix!

saint bernard puppy holding a bowl in his mouth

The Saint Bernard Feeding Chart: How Much Should They Eat?

Here is an incredibly useful tool that helps you control your Saint Bernard's nutrition and keep track of how much they eat.