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Sad Shelter Dog Was Delighted With The Gift From Her New Adoptive Mom

Sad Shelter Dog Was Delighted With The Gift From Her New Adoptive Mom

Streets and city pounds are the places in which, unfortunately, many dogs find themselves nowadays.

That’s why numerous organizations where people with boundless love for dogs work have their hands full.

Among the many sad stories, you can always find one with a happy ending, where a cursed life “overnight” turns for the better.

One of these is today’s story, about a dog whose life was changed forever by just one letter and a gift that meant so much.

Her Eyes Hid Her Sadness

stray dog in the shed
Source: Howl Of a Dog

Nobody knew how long Dora had been on the streets and what her past was when she had been rescued and taken to the city pound. 

All they could see were her sad eyes that hid the hardships this poor dog had gone through. Unfortunately, her condition did not improve even in the shelter, and it was clear that what Dora really lacked was at least a little love.

That’s exactly why there are non-profit organizations dedicated to helping these poor animals. One of them was Dora’s savior, and it opened the door to a new life for her – Howl Of A Dog. They took her from the city pound.

When she arrived at their rescue center, you could really see how sad and traumatized this dog was. She didn’t wag her tail or raise her head while walking at all. Not to mention how malnourished she was and the numerous health problems she had.

Nevertheless, after just a week of interaction with people, attention, giving love, and everything a dog needs, Dora was walking with her head held high again.

This brave girl progressed quickly and the best was yet to come.

A Gift For Her New Life

dog holding someones hand
Source: Howl Of a Dog

After so much suffering on the street and in the city pound, everything suddenly fell into place for Dora.

However, the surprise that the employees of the shelter prepared for her was the highlight of everything. 

One of the employees, who was carrying a package, invited Dora to come with her to a room.

Dora was already very excited, as if she knew that something wonderful was in store for her.

Indeed, it was a gift for Dora that symbolized her new beginning… a gift from her new adoptive mom in the form of a letter inviting her to her new home.

“She was so happy when we unwrapped the parcel as if she knew the gifts were from a very special person.” Howl Of A Dog wrote in their caption. 

There was also something really special among the gifts besides the letter – a knitted doll that looked like Dora’s mom, so that she had something to snuggle with until she got the real thing. 

Dora was delighted, but she couldn’t wait to start snuggling with her new mom and other family members in real life.

All this was recorded by the Rescue Center, so that Dora could share her excitement and happiness with all of us.

Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail In Her New Home

cute happy dog
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Only when she came to her rightful place did Dora finally show her true colors. She finally became a real dog in the true sense of the word. 

Now, she enjoys her evening cuddles on the sofa and loves to spend the day with her new canine friend, Cole, either playing in the garden or just taking long, lazy naps. 

She enjoys every moment of love and attention with all members of her new family.

This is a dog that those who saved her probably wouldn’t even recognize today.

Suffice it to say, she doesn’t stop wagging her tail all day.