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Adorable Rottweiler Puppy Helps Little Girl Overcome The Loss Of Her Old Dog

Adorable Rottweiler Puppy Helps Little Girl Overcome The Loss Of Her Old Dog

Zara was no ordinary pet. She was the kind of dog that crawls into your heart and stays there forever!

What Gia, the little baby girl, and Zara had was truly a beautiful relationship that knew no limits. This sturdy Rottweiler was not just Gia’s personal protector, but she was her sibling.

The two did every single thing together until life took an unexpected turn, leaving Gia and her entire family heartbroken.

This is their story!

Gia And Zara’s Unbreakable Bond

rottweiler and little girl sitting outdoors
Source: @stylish_paws

Zara, the Rottweiler, was already in the family when Gia was born. She instantly accepted her hooman sister and acted like her own, personal babysitter. 

Even though Stacey, Gia’s mom, was quite skeptical about Zara’s relationship towards Gia, this wonderful Rottie took everyone by surprise and became the best sibling in the world!

“They’ve kind of just naturally grown up as siblings,” Stacey told The Dodo.

The two did everything together. They ate, slept, played, and went for walks beside each other, but there was one particular thing that Zara and Gia loved doing the most – they sang together!

One Christmas, Gia’s parents bought her a stand-up microphone, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Gia loved singing on the microphone, and Zara just naturally started following her. She howled along and acted as if the two were in a band!

“Every time Gia starts singing (well she’s not really singing) Zara just starts howling. She can’t contain herself,” says Stacey.

little girl hugging rottweiler
Source: @stylish_paws

Since then, Zara and Gia sung many songs together until, unfortunately, this amazing Rottie girl passed away. Crossing the rainbow bridge, she left a huge void in her family’s hearts, especially Gia’s. 

This tiny girl was inconsolable, trying to make peace with the fact that her best friend in the world was now gone. But then, her family came up with the greatest idea ever!

The New Beginning

photo of puppy and a little girl
Source: @stylish_paws

Stacey decided to surprise Gia with two tiny puppies – Kiki and another Rottweiler, Zamba! 

Meeting them for the first time, Gia was over the moon. She just loved both dogs, and the fact that Zamba looked exactly like her late sibling was beyond words!

Zamba has been enthusiastic about everything since the day he first entered the family. This wiggly, tail-waggy pup has become everything Gia needed all this time – and he just adapted amazingly into the new home.

little girl with two dogs
Source: @stylish_paws

“Apparently I have big boots to fill but mom says I shouldn’t worry about that, I just need to be myself… I promise to make my big sis Zara really proud,” Stacey wrote in an Instagram post.

Since then, Zamba and his sis, Kiki, have grown up, but never, ever did this Rottie boi lose his puppy ways. 

He can get a little mischievous and messy at times, but that’s all just part of his charm. He’s still in the process of learning, and the family’s absolutely pawsitive that he’ll be a good boi!

At times, he even resembles his later sister, Zara, as he enjoys listening to Gia sing. And, he is definitely obsessed with her in all ways!

If we can say one thing with certainty, it’s that Zamba has helped his hooman sister’s heart heal, and he will continue cheering her up for as long as he lives!