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This large guard dog is not a canine you’d want to mess with. But do they have a soft side to them? Here you can find the truth about this beautiful yet mysterious dog breed.

a powerful Rottweiler stands outside on the macadam

Rottweiler Tail Docking: A Justified Tradition Or A Cruel Practice?

Learn why Rottweilers' tails have been docked throughout history and why this practice is being abandoned in modern times.

female Rottweiler lies in the woods

Everything You Wanted To Know About Female Rottweilers

What are female Rottweilers like? Are they better than male Rottweilers? Find out about their general traits in this article.

cute blonde girl and her Rottweiler dog lying on leaves

Are Rottweilers Good With Kids? Should You Get A Rottie?

What makes these dominant dogs the perfect addition to your family? The answer is hidden here!

rottweiler dog laying in the garden showing his teeth

Are Rottweilers Dangerous? The Surprising Truth About Rotties!

Are Rottweilers as dangerous as they say? Discover the truth about Rotties with our common sense guide that separates the facts from the myths.

long-haired rottweiler

Long-Haired Rottweiler: Genetics, Care, And General Info

Find the information you need about this unusual Rottie with our in-depth guide, including care and grooming.

American Staffordshire Terrier in the wild

Rottweiler Cropped Ears: Is It Really Necessary?

A Rottweiler's cropped ears are quite uncommon, but they can still occur. Learn more about this unnecessary pet cosmetic procedure!

Rottweiler guard dog on training

What Are Rottweiler Aggression Signs And What Can Cause Them

If you were wondering what some Rottweiler aggression signs are, you are in luck. We have listed all the signs and causes of aggression that your dog might have.

Rottweiler sitting on the grass

Rottweiler Growth Chart: The Ultimate Guide To Your Rottie’s Growth

Keep track of your Rottweiler's height and weight by using our growth chart. Find out how big your Rottie will get!

Beautiful Rottweiler dog

Rottweiler Colors: Do Rotties Only Come In Black And Mahogany?

Did you know that there are more than three Rottweiler colors? Check out some of the most unique colors and patterns of the Rottweiler dog breed.

miniature rottweiler running in the grass

Miniature Rottweiler — The Mini Canine Wonder

Mini Rottweilers are considered by many to be the best dog for small apartments or for first-time dog owners. Find out more!

portrait of a rottweiler

Rottweiler Price: The Cost Of Owning These Gentle Giants

Not sure if the cost of Rotties is within your price range? Check out this fine article and find out everything you need to know!

big Rottweiler sitting outside

The 3 Types Of Rottweilers: An Extensive Guide

Find out about the three types of Rottweilers, their appearance, and the temperament of this great dog breed.

rottweiler dog holding a pet food bowl in mouth

Rottweiler Feeding Chart: How Much Do These Gentle Giants Eat?

Here is a feeding chart that will help you on how often and how much food your Rottweiler should eat daily is just one click away.

a Rottweiler runs a field of flowers

American Rottweiler vs German Rottweiler: What’s the difference?

Learn about the origin of these pups and how all their similarities and differences came to be.

Rottweiler eating outside

Rottweiler Raw Diet: Going Full Primal

Rottweiler raw diets are controversial. This eight minute read will open your eyes to all things raw diet.

white Rottweiler on grass

Does A White Rottweiler Exist? Let’s Find Out

Are white Rottweilers purebred or crossbred dogs? What causes their coat to turn white, and does it carry any complications? Find the answers here.

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