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Rescuers Were Surprised To Find Mama Dog And Her 2 Puppies In A Trashed Vehicle So They Went To Help

Rescuers Were Surprised To Find Mama Dog And Her 2 Puppies In A Trashed Vehicle So They Went To Help

It’s always exceptionally sad seeing a stray dog moving around the streets wondering when his next meal will come.

However, what’s arguably even more tragic is when a dog family is struggling to survive, and the mother is trying her best to help her babies, but it’s never enough.

Even though they are tough and will persevere through a lot much, life can just be cruel sometimes, which is why they struggle.

For this particular family, their owner abandoned them in a trashed car where they stayed and starved for weeks because it was not safe to go outside.

They Were So Starved

dog and puppy in a car
Source: The Moho

During a flood, a cruel owner left a mama dog, named Ala, and her two babies, in a trashed car where they couldn’t even move.

It was just horrible to see how they were left there without any food or a way to survive. They likely had nothing to eat for one full week.

This is just so tragic, and it’s horrible to think that somebody had actually done this to such a sweet dog family.

After the rescuers took notice, they rushed to their rescue because there wasn’t a lot of time left for them.

dog in a car
Source: The Moho

The poor mama dog had to drink the filthy flood water to survive and stay with her puppies. A kind lady who notified the rescuers also gave them some food.

After getting them out of the car and on a small boat, they realized just how malnourished the family was. It was heartbreaking.

Upon looking further around the area, they actually found a cat and another dog who were all likely abandoned or strays.

They were all now on their way to a safe place. The first stop was a veterinarian clinic where they would receive medical help. 

An Incredible Transformation

mama dog nursing puppies
Source: The Moho

After a full checkup, the vets revealed that the family was seriously malnourished but otherwise healthy.

One of the rescuers decided to name Ala’s puppies, and she chose the names Tak and Nak. They were all going to be okay.

Out of all the animals they rescued that day, Ala was, without a doubt, in the worst condition. She will have to be placed on a special diet in order to recover.

close-up photo of the dog
Source: The Moho

She also received a blood transfusion and vaccinations. The second dog they found, named Liao, was also struggling, and he received the same treatment.

He had a serious eye infection, but it was not critical, and he was going to recover with further treatment.

However, despite the very good prognosis initially, a tragedy would strike this sweet dog family. One of the puppies, Tak, had passed away suddenly, and it was just heartbreaking.

Despite this, everyone was determined to help the rest of them recover and find a new family someday.

little girl lying next to a dog
Source: The Moho

As days went by, their health improved dramatically and Ala’s weight went up significantly. She is now a lot healthier and so is Liao.

Soon enough, the puppy, Nak, got adopted and he just loves his new family. They are so happy to have him in their lives.

As for the other two dogs, we don’t know what happened next, but I have no doubt that their rescuers will work tirelessly to find them a loving home.