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Rescuers Were Surprised To Find Two Frightened Dog Siblings Hiding In An Outdoor Bathroom

Rescuers Were Surprised To Find Two Frightened Dog Siblings Hiding In An Outdoor Bathroom

When two doggo siblings got dumped by their previous owners, they decided to hide in a box in an outdoor bathroom and not trust humans ever again.

However, their minds would soon be changed by an incredible rescue team.

Rescue Mission

abandoned dog lying
Source: The Dodo

When the rescuers first found them, the two pups wouldn’t let them approach. They would start growling and barking at them, warning them to stay back.

But, the rescue team was determined and they approached them anyway. Luckily, they brought some yummy snacks with them, hoping to win over their trust through their tummy.

hand feeding abandoned dogs
Source: The Dodo

When a rescuer offered them the food, only one pup decided that he wanted a taste – the other one jumped out of the box and hid behind a toilet.

Not long after, his doggo sibling would also join him, still unsure whether he should trust the humans or not.

dog sitting by the toilet
Source: The Dodo

New Plan

The rescue team really did not plan on giving up on these pups, so they decided to try a different approach.

One of the rescuers carefully came up to the dogs, and with the help of a stick, placed a collar over one of the dogs’ necks, allowing her to carefully bring him out of his hiding place.  

scared dog on a leash
Source: The Dodo

Not wanting to be separated from his sibling, the other dog soon followed.

The rescuers decided to spend some time with the pups, petting them and talking to them in a sweet voice before putting them in their car.

They thought that this would help them relax more, and they were absolutely right. One of the pups even hopped onto the rescuer’s lap, demanding some nice and warm cuddles.  

woman holding a dog
Source: The Dodo

After some more cuddles, the team was finally able to take the pups to their car and to their new lives.

Foster Home

The rescuers were able to find a foster home that was willing to take both pups in without having to separate them.

Being surrounded by love and adoration, the pups were finally able to relax and start living the life they deserved to have.

photo of man and two dogs
Source: The Dodo

The pups, now named Marmite and Toast, adore spending their time with their foster dad as well as with any other pup they meet along the way.  

Marmite and Toast are still looking for a forever home that will provide them with a warm and loving environment, allowing them to live the best life ever, just like they deserve.

And, I am sure that they will find just that! Good luck, guys!