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Rescuers Were Surprised To Find A Pregnant Dog Lying Near A Fence And They Rushed To Save Her

Rescuers Were Surprised To Find A Pregnant Dog Lying Near A Fence And They Rushed To Save Her

It’s hard for any stray dog to survive on their own on the cruel streets, especially when they can’t find any food.

To make matters worse, this sweet dog was pregnant, and she was trying her best to make it, but it looked like she was struggling a lot.

She decided to lie down near a fence in someone’s yard. She needed a safe spot to give birth to her babies, and it looked like her only option.

Luckily for her, the people who lived in the Californian neighborhood noticed her and decided to call for help.

A Call For Help

dog sleeping on a grass
Source: Suzette Hall

After the people phoned for help, Suzette Hall answered. When she heard about this pregnant dog, she packed her things and immediately went to help.

When they arrived at the location in California, they found her lying and taking a nap. She noticed them almost immediately and got pretty scared.

The pregnant dog was pretty big, so she could not even run fast. One of the neighbors tried to help her for a few days, but it wasn’t possible.
Hall noticed that she was in her safe spot, so she didn’t want to alarm her. She was really timid, so it was hard to put a leash around her.

dog laying behind fence
Source: Suzette Hall

So, she had to come up with a new plan to catch her. Hall decided that the best course of action would be to set up a humane trap on the pavement.

Because she was so frightened, the rescuer took her distance and waited to see what happened next.

So, naturally, Hall did that and noticed that the hungry dog had started approaching the trap. Because she was so hungry, she barely even hesitated.

The pregnant dog went for the food and ate it right away. The trap worked, and she was finally secured.

A Ride To A New Future

woman, car and dog
Source: Suzette Hall

Now that everything turned out okay, Hall breathed a huge sigh of relief. There was still time to take her to the shelter before the babies were born.

So, as soon as she was safe, the rescuer moved her kennel into the vehicle and started driving for the shelter.

In the car, she noticed that the dog was smiling and seemed to enjoy being in Hall’s presence. This made her very happy.

The pup understood that she was safe and was going to a better place where there would be people who would care for her.

adorable dog standing in a box
Source: Suzette Hall

The rescuers decided to name her Gianna. When she was finally taken to the shelter, they learned that she is expecting 6 puppies in about 2 weeks.

They took great care of her and made sure that she has everything she needs before the babies arrive.  

She enjoyed her stay so much and was happy to have people care for her constantly. Soon enough, Gianna would give birth to 6 healthy puppies. They are just so adorable. 

Gianna’s Adorable Puppies

mother dog and puppies
Source: Suzette Hall

Gianna’s instincts would immediately kick in and she had eyes on her puppies all the time. She was doing such a great job caring for them.

While we don’t know if she found a home yet, it’s great to see there are people who care for her so much and are doing everything to help her.

I am so glad to see that she is going to be okay and I really hope that she finds a wonderful home for her and the babies.

If this can show us anything, it’s that scared dogs are like that for a reason. The years of abuse and neglect have taken their toll on them.

However, that doesn’t mean that they are incapable of love and gratitude. If we show them that we care, they will learn how to love again.