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Rescuers Were Surprised To Find A Stray Dog Lying On A Mattress Near An Abandoned Building

Rescuers Were Surprised To Find A Stray Dog Lying On A Mattress Near An Abandoned Building

If there is one thing I have always admired about dogs, it’s their intelligence and the ability to overcome all odds if that’s what they have to do to survive.

Most people don’t think about how hard a stray pup’s life is and how much they have to do to find food from day to day, so we don’t understand their problems.

However, I have always found their perseverance an admirable trait and it’s something that we should learn from.

For example, this sweet dog was doing his best to go from one day to the next. She had numerous health issues but remained hopeful that a better day would come.

A group of rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis had noticed her lying on an old mattress near an abandoned building, and they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.

She Desperately Wanted Help

As soon as they stopped their vehicle to check up on her, they realized how horrible her situation was.

The mattress she was sleeping on was filthy and the building nearby was boarded up so she couldn’t go inside at all during the night.

Rescuers examined her, and it became clear that she was suffering from severe mange. She was also malnourished and really hungry.

They noticed just how happy she was to see them. Her tail wouldn’t stop wagging the whole time they were with her.

The pup, now appropriately named Blush, realized that these people came here to offer her a new path forward, which she gladly accepted.

She was taken back to the St. Louis shelter, but she needed a medical foster home where someone would watch her the whole time until she recovered.

She Is Changing So Fast

They gathered all the necessary medication and transferred her to a new foster. She receives medical baths every three days in order to help her deal with mange faster.

In the time she has spent with her foster mom, she has shown just how sweet she really is. Blush is a huge cuddlebug, and she loves spending time with other people.

Her mom made sure to buy her a really cool weather outfit, and it looks so adorable on her. With enough time and care, Blush is starting to change.

The mange is subsiding and her weight has also gone up. She is looking better every day and everyone is amazed by her progress.

She still receives regular checkups with her rescuers who are eager to see her as she loves showing her gratitude to the people who saved her.

With how much she went through on her own, I am just so glad to see that Blush has found someone who is willing to help her figure out how to love again.

Her foster mom is amazing for giving her this chance, and seeing her change and grow into a beautiful dog will always lead to many heartwarming moments.

While we don’t know what happens with Blush or if she has found a new family, I am just glad to see that she is doing okay and will be on her way to a forever home soon.