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Rescuers Were Shocked When They Found A Small Puppy In The Sewer Drain

Rescuers Were Shocked When They Found A Small Puppy In The Sewer Drain

We’ve all heard stories about brave firefighters rescuing poor cats stuck in a tree. 

It is always news that spreads quickly and wins the hearts of many. And, besides, such a rescue scene is quite popularized in various movies, cartoons, and the like.

But, in real life, people such as firefighters, as well as other emergency teams often perform rescue tasks that are not so popular and much more difficult.

Rescuing a dog from a sewer is not a fancy job at all, but it is the greatest indication of the big hearts of these people as well as the nobility of the work they do.

Sobs And Cries Echoed Through The Street

One afternoon, the streets of San Antonio, Texas, began to echo moans and cries that could not leave anyone indifferent. 

Three puppies fell down a sewer drain during some maintenance work earlier that day. 

When they were notified, firefighters from the San Antonio Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene. 

With a quick and precise intervention, they successfully managed to get two puppies out of the sewer drain. But, one puppy, later named Damsel, was still hopelessly stuck. 

“Damsel apparently got very scared and kept going further and further into the drain until she actually hit the main sewer line,” Lisa Norwood, public relations manager for San Antonio Animal Care Services, said for The Dodo. “This was very concerning because the main sewer line is always in use and filled with wastewater and raw sewage.”

That’s why they had to call people from the San Antonio Water System to help.

A Team Of Rescuers Did A Superb Job

When the SAWS staff came, they brought robotic cameras and imaging equipment with them. 

With the help of those sophisticated devices, they were finally able to locate Damsel within the piping. The poor pup was beneath a manhole. 

According to the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services FB post, the team realized that heavy equipment was needed. 

“With the property owner’s consent, SAWS brought in the cavalry, digging up the pipe to bring Damsel to safety,” they wrote. 

After successfully doing that, they lowered a bucket into the darkness and used a robotic camera to gently scoot the puppy toward the bucket to safety. 

saving puppies from sewer drain
Source: Facebook

The mission was complete and it was a success for all the rescue teams on the scene, as well as other big-hearted people who were there helping them all the time. 

It Was A Sweet Ending For The Puppy

Although she was finally safe, Damsel was terrified, which was understandable, given that she spent so much time in such an awful place as a sewer drain.

“She was quiet, trembling, and tired from her ordeal,” Norwood said. “Plus, she didn’t smell too great!”

The rescuers had done their part, and now it was Norwood’s turn to take care of this little one and ensure her a happy future.

Just like these brave people from the rescue teams, she did a fantastic job as well. After she took her to the emergency clinic, where the veterinarians determined that everything was fine with this 6-week-old puppy, Lisa found her a foster home.

Ms. H, who was also involved in her rescue, at Lisa’s urging, stepped up to foster her and provide her with the love and care she rightfully deserves. 

“Damsel may have had a rough start,” Norwood said. “But she very quickly got her happy ending.”