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Rescuers Were Shocked To See This Friendly Pup Who Was Tied To A Cage Her Whole Life

Rescuers Were Shocked To See This Friendly Pup Who Was Tied To A Cage Her Whole Life

Just recently, I started thinking about how dogs were first domesticated over 30,000 years ago and I just can’t overstate how important this event was for humanity, even today.

Yet, despite the fact that they have been at our side for that long, some people still continue to abuse or neglect their pups.

It’s horrible that this bond between a man and a dog doesn’t extend to everyone, but all of that can change if we work hard to fix the issue.

In this story, we will talk about this poor pup who was tied to a cage next to garbage and left on his own until somebody special came to help.

He Lived In Horrible Conditions

When a rescuer from Stray Rescue of St. Louis was made aware of a dog who was living in just awful conditions and needed help, she responded.

She took a while looking for the place but ultimately found it. The place looked horrible. It was some sort of yard filled with all sorts of disposable garbage.

Upon looking further, she saw the dog tied to a cage with some sort of makeshift leash. He was just lying there, frightened.

When the rescuer approached this sweet dog named Harwell, she noticed that he was a bit frightened and confused.

He didn’t know if this person meant well for him, so he was hesitant to approach her. She got close and gave him some food.

After he stood up, she noticed just how skinny he was. Harwell was just 18 pounds and was seriously malnourished. He desperately needed help.

This must have been his first meal in a long time, and it’s just heartbreaking to think of what he must have went through to get to this point.

She Rescued Him Immediately

After that, he started wagging his tail, probably because he realized that his rescuer was there to help him. Who knows when he last felt hope like that.

Now that some trust was developed between the two of them, she untied the horribly-designed leash around his neck and took him in her car.

After that, he was taken back to the shelter in St. Louis, where the kind staff did their best to make sure he recovered and got his weight up.

He will never be alone again, and it’s wonderful to see that there are so many people caring for him. 

While we don’t know what happens next for Harwell, we know that his rescuers are searching for somebody to foster him.

I am sure that they are doing everything in their power to make sure that he finds a wonderful family and a forever home.