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Rescuers Were Shocked To Learn This Dog’s Story After Rescuing Her From Neglectful Owner

Rescuers Were Shocked To Learn This Dog’s Story After Rescuing Her From Neglectful Owner

Although dogs are creatures that love freedom, and even more than that, to be in a warm home with their loved ones, we can still see many canines tied to a fence nowadays. 

The rescuers from Howl Of A Dog encountered exactly such a sad situation when they saw a poor four-year-old German Shepherd mix tied up in front of a house.

They immediately found the owner of the house, but he told them that it was not his dog but a stray and that he appeared there two months ago. He also said that he was forced to tie him up because he was afraid the dog would chase his livestock. 

However, after they checked this dog, the rescuers realized that the truth was a little different. 

Sad Realization

photo of dog chained to fence
Source: Howl Of A Dog

The rescuers did not hesitate to examine every part of this dog’s body, and they eventually found the microchip. It meant that this dog had an owner, and he was only a few miles away from that place – in a neighboring village.

They immediately went to that location, and in front of the door of the real owner’s house, they were greeted by the loud barking of many dogs. 

dog in the yard
Source: Howl Of A Dog

When the owner finally opened the door, they asked him what happened to his dog. He told them that Lupin, as he called the dog, had gone missing two months ago, which matched the story that the other man had told them. 

Although they expected that the problem was solved and that the real owner would welcome his lost dog with open arms, his answer disappointed them. Having already taken care of many dogs, he said that he could no longer hold Lupin and asked them to find him a new family.

dogs fenced in the yard
Source: Howl Of A Dog

This was so heartbreaking for them because they could see in his eyes that he was sorry. That’s why they had no other choice but to take Lupin with them and do everything in their power to find this good boy a forever home. 

Along the way, they did another good deed by bringing several bags of food as well as flea and tick medication to the other dogs who welcomed them so warmly at the entrance to the yard. The pups and their owner were over the moon because of this kind act.

dogs following a woman
Source: Howl Of A Dog

With a heart full of joy and satisfaction, they were now able to return to the rescue premises – this time, with their new canine fellow, Lupin. 

New Beginning

dog lying on pink blanket
Source: Howl Of A Dog

When Lupin arrived, he was overjoyed to finally be free and unchained. However, they immediately saw that he was very hungry, so they prepared a bowl of dog food for him, which he emptied in a matter of seconds. 

Every moment of his stay in the shelter, he showed that he was a truly good boy. There wasn’t a bad bone in him. He quickly bonded with his rescuers, was a very loving and cheerful dog, and enjoyed playing with his new toy. Lupin was a real balm for everybody’s soul. 

photo of dog lying on blanket
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Unfortunately, a shelter is not a long-term solution for any dog, including Lupin. That’s why the people from Howl Of A Dog did their utmost to ensure that this beautiful pup meets his happy ending as soon as possible

After all the hardships he experienced in the previous two months, this dog deserves nothing less. 

So, good luck, Lupin! We all hope and believe that the second part of your life story will be a happy one.