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Rescuers Were Shocked To Find Out This Dog Was Abandoned In Her Home After The Owners Were Evicted

Rescuers Were Shocked To Find Out This Dog Was Abandoned In Her Home After The Owners Were Evicted

For dogs, their owners are their home. When they lose them, they don’t only lose a place to be – they lose absolutely everything.

One such heartbreaking story about an abandoned dog comes from New Jersey.

Reeses Puppycups, an eight-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, found herself in a tough spot when her owners got evicted. A week after they left their home (and their dog), Reeses was found in a bedroom with nothing but bittersweet memories.

She still clung to the property, hoping her beloved hoomans would come for her… which, sadly, they never did.

Hungry And Dehydrated, Craving Love

In such a heartbreak, Reeses spent a week without proper food and care. She was extremely emaciated and weak when the officers of The South Toms River Police Department found her.

Thanks to the good people of Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter, from Forked River, New Jersey, she was safely transported to her new, temporary shelter, and a new life!

“Her owners abandoned her when they were evicted from their home.  When Reeses was finally found, she was emaciated, dehydrated, and in desperate need of care,” AHPPS wrote in a Facebook post.

During her vet exam, it was discovered that love and care wasn’t the only thing she needed. To everyone’s surprise, Reeses also had a couple of tumors that needed to be removed.

This sweet baby was subjected to surgery and additional medical care that she needed so desperately. After such a terrible past, she finally received all the love that she couldn’t get in her previous home.

She’s The Whole Package

Not only did Reeses start to thrive around her caregivers, but she became a brand-new dog! According to shelter volunteers, she became friendly in no time, stealing the hearts of everyone who met her.

“Reeses is not a fan of other pets but she sure loves people, and she is so well-behaved, affectionate, friendly, and an all-around great girl.  She loves running and playing from time to time but is also very mellow too,” the rescue added in their post.

Despite everything she had been through in the past, her zest for life has never been stronger. Reeses just loves everything and everyone, and she’s definitely going to make some lucky family extremely happy!

Her bad days are now behind her. Reeses feels so much better, and even though she still requires medical care, she is finally ready for a new chapter in life.

When the time is right, there’s no doubt that Reeses will know how to put a smile on her future hoomans’ faces. She’s a natural entertainer and has a great spirit, which makes her ideal for active families who love taking on new adventures on a daily basis.

Due to her exuberant personality, Reeses is looking for a home with adults, and hopes to find her pawfect match soon.

Good luck, sweet girl! You deserve to be loved again.