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Rescuers Were Shocked To Find This Abandoned Sick Pup Lying Motionless On The Street

Rescuers Were Shocked To Find This Abandoned Sick Pup Lying Motionless On The Street

Whenever I see an abandoned dog struggling to survive in the worst conditions possible, I think to myself: “Who would do such a cruel thing to an animal?”

Yet, tens of thousands of these four-legged creatures are being left at the mercy of the streets every day, and it absolutely breaks my heart.

The last story of abandonment I came across was absolutely devastating. Blanquita was a tiny dog with an inborn neurological disorder that was left in a trash bag! No words can be enough to describe my disappointment. 

Thankfully, in a world full of heartless individuals, there are always those with a giant heart to balance things out. And, Blanquita was lucky enough to be discovered by one!

Heartless Act

poor abandoned dog laying
Source: Gio PC

A long-time animal rescuer and a kind-hearted woman, Gio, immediately rushed to the city mansion where Blanquita was lying. She was deeply shocked when she got a call, saying that this poor pup was on the edge.

When she finally arrived at the spot, her heart shattered into a million pieces. There she was, lying on the street, without any strength to move her body.

motionless dog laying
Source: Gio PC

Blanquita spent days on the street, and even though her past is vague, it is evident that she had been in a horrible accident. She was severely injured and couldn’t use her hind legs

On top of all that, Blanquita had broken ribs, a neurological disorder, and was extremely anemic.

But, even in what can only be called the worst of times, she never took the kind smile off her face. Blanquita wanted to live, and now, with the right people around her, she had one extra reason – love!

It Was A Long Road To Recovery, But She Made It

sick dog on the vet table
Source: Gio PC

Gio immediately scooped the pup up and transferred her to a vet clinic. Blanquita was in critical condition and needed an immediate blood transfusion.

For the first few days, the entire team hoped that she’d endure all the pain and go through the worst storm of her life as a winner. Every minute and every second of her treatment mattered!

A few days later, to everyone’s luck, she was finally out of danger. Thanks to her amazing rescuers, Blanquita managed to survive and continue the life battle from a safer spot.

dog with wheels
Source: Gio PC

She got a beautiful foster who took care of her around the clock. But, she never stopped receiving her treatments! For the next few months, Blanquita regularly went through physiotherapy and massage, which she absolutely loved!

She even got a customized wheelchair that supported her daily walkies and helped her move easier.

Every time she’d go to the clinic, she’d wag her tail and greet everyone with the sweetest smile. She was truly a resilient girl all along, not wanting to back down and give up. 

recovered dog on the grass
Source: Gio PC

Eventually, after twelve months of hard and constant work, Blanquita recovered from her past trauma and blossomed into a wonderful dog.

Despite her disorder, she now lives the best life possible, far away from that trash bag and life on the street. Blanquita is finally happy, and she absolutely deserves it!