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Rescuers Were Shocked By This Stray Dog’s Appearance After Arriving To Save Him

Rescuers Were Shocked By This Stray Dog’s Appearance After Arriving To Save Him

When Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida, a non-profit organization, got information about a pup who needed their help, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

The dog who they were supposed to help was so matted they couldn’t even make out the shape of her body.

Severe Mat

The Florida-based rescue tried to understand what was going on and how the dog got into that situation, but that wasn’t as easy as they thought.

“We were simply asked to help. We asked if this was a backyard breeder dog, and we were told ‘no,’ although we were skeptical because we could see puppies in the background of the photo provided with this girl in an outdoor pen. None of that matters now; she’s safe in our care,” stated the rescue.

As soon as the pup, later named Loretta, came into their care, they immediately got to work.

Since her mat was so severe, even restricting her from walking properly, the staff knew that the first order of business was to get her a needed haircut.

Haircut Time

The staff decided to take to their social media and issue an emergency plea for a groomer willing to take care of this mat.

Luckily, they received an incredible response, and in less than 24 hours, they were carrying Loretta into As The Tail Wags Grooming and Training, in Oviedo, as she could not walk on her own.

Kristie, Shannon, and Megan came in on their day off and worked on Loretta for over three hours, carefully shaving the thick coat that had been restricting her movement for so long. The matting was so severe in some places that Loretta’s skin was tearing.

After the long haircut, Loretta looked like a brand-new dog.

Before her transformation, Loretta’s body was covered in a heavy and dirty coat, and now she is finally a free dog able to walk.

Loretta’s transformation is a testament to the incredible power of community and compassion. To say this groom was a tough job is a huge understatement, but these incredible women gently worked their magic as if they were Loretta’s personal fairy godmothers.

Foster Home

Since she got transformed into such a wonderful pup, the fact that she managed to find a foster right away didn’t surprise anyone.

However, before she arrived at her new home, Loretta took a trip to the vet, where she was diagnosed with hookworms, arthritis, and heartworm disease. But, things are looking up for this sweet girl.

Now, she spends her time in a warm foster home with hoomans who shower her with nothing but love and adoration, creating the perfect environment for a swift recovery.

Loretta is loving her meals, which she gets 3+ times a day since she is underweight and currently has hookworms. She loves her comfy XL orthopedic bed and spends time on it inside the house but prefers to be outside when possible. She’s ‘learning how to be a dog’ now that she’s free of that restrictive nasty coat of matted fur.

Final Word

It warms my heart every time I see humans come together and join forces in order to help those in need.

Because of the love and care of these rescuers and groomers, this dog can now live the life she actually deserves. Thank you!