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Rescuers Were In Disbelief When They Found 30 Small Puppies Left In A Box Near A Road

Rescuers Were In Disbelief When They Found 30 Small Puppies Left In A Box Near A Road

Animal rescuers stumble upon all kinds of abandonment stories on a daily basis. Yet, some of them are truly heartbreaking!

When kind-hearted passersby reported thirty tiny furbabies huddled together inside an old cardboard box by a rural road in Missouri, everyone at Wright-Way Rescue was left in shock!

This Illinois-based rescue has helped many puppies so far, but it has never encountered such a large number of abandoned dogs all at once!

What A Shocking Sight

For the WWR team, it’s not exactly news to find puppies abandoned in all kinds of places. Some people who decide to get rid of their furry companions leave them absolutely everywhere without even thinking about the potential danger.

Still, finding thirty of them was just unimaginable!

“Sadly, abandoned puppies are a frequent sight for us, but 30 at once is unimaginable. Who could leave these innocent creatures behind,” WWR wrote in a Facebook post.

They immediately rushed into action to help the poor infants, although the rescue mission itself wasn’t a picnic. The facility already takes care of a large number of dogs, but to leave these babies high and dry was just not an option.

Before they were legally allowed to cross into Illinois, all of the pups needed to receive initial around-the-clock veterinary care in Missouri

For things to be even worse, the rescue realized that the dogs came from at least three different litters, and some even needed to be bottle-fed. 

Ready For A New Adventure

Once they were finally taken care of, all of the puppies safely arrived at WWR. 

The team made sure to subject them to necessary vet care, including vaccinations, parasite treatment, and quality food. 

Sadly, the babies suffered from ticks, which required timely treatment, too. If left untreated, this condition could have resulted in fatal consequences.

Nobody knows what happened to these babies before, but one thing is for sure – they were all craving love and affection!

And, the good news was they were finally at the place where they received all of that! Thanks to the help of dedicated volunteers who spared no time and effort, the dogs felt at home for the first time in their tiny lives. 

Even the people outside the organization who came across their heartbreaking story reached out to express their support. Hundreds of them left comments under the post, stating how truly sorry they were about the pups’ situation.

When they are ready, the pups will be available for adoption. 

For now, all they need are loving fosters and comfortable homes where they can grow strong and learn basic doggo manners. With some care, there’s no doubt that they will turn into wonderful companions!

“As they grow stronger and healthier, these adorable pups will be ready for the ultimate adventure – finding their forever homes! We’re actively seeking loving foster and adoptive families to provide them with a warm, nurturing environment where they can blossom,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

Despite their rough start in life, these furbabies are headed to a new chapter in their lives – the one that hopefully will be filled with love and joy!