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Rescuers Were Heartbroken To Find A Scared Mama Dog With 4 Pups In An Abandoned Backyard

Rescuers Were Heartbroken To Find A Scared Mama Dog With 4 Pups In An Abandoned Backyard

Love, indeed, can do everything!

Even the most broken dogs can turn into the most wonderful companions when you give them the chance. And, Donutfest is exhibit A!

This poor momma was found struggling with life with her puppies in an abandoned backyard in Missouri, far away from decent living conditions. But, when she finally got the chance to start over, she took it, and everyone was surprised!

She Had The Saddest Face

When Donna Lochmann and the rest of the crew from Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Missouri, got a call about a stray dog mom and her babies, they immediately rushed into action.

When they finally arrived at the said spot, their hearts broke.

The puppies and their mom lived in terrible conditions. They had no decent access to food and water in an abandoned backyard, and they desperately needed help

The mom, later named Donutfest (as she was saved on National Donut Day), was extremely scared and had the saddest face.

She was emaciated and traumatized, but Donna knew just how to get to her. With the help of delicious snacks, she lured Donutfest into a car and then collected her four tiny babies.

It was a tricky rescue, but the team successfully transferred all the dogs to a vet clinic for further check-ups.

Donutfest had a wound on her head, and her skin was in a really bad condition from the outside life. Luckily, this tiny family had no serious health issues, and they were all ready to embark upon a new life journey!

Who’s The Prettiest Rescue Girl

After a few days of TLC at SRSL, Donutfest completely came out of her shell. To everyone’s surprise, she transformed into the sweetest, happiest lovebug ever!

“Donutfest is nothing but sugar and sweetness! The name is perfect. The wound on her head is healing, her scars are fading, and she is so happy knowing her babies are safe,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

Despite all the things that she had been through in the past, Donutfest had the nicest temperament. She had the biggest smile and got along with everyone. She was extremely thankful for being saved, and she definitely knew how to reciprocate all the love!

“She is like a cartoon dog with her huge smile and big, expressive eyes! She’s been great with all the dogs she’s met and is just perfect in every way. She even gives hugs,” they added.

It didn’t take long for Donutfest and her pups to steal the hearts of everyone in the rescue. But, most importantly, their story spread out, and they soon went into beautiful homes.

Today, Donutfest lives the best life possible, far away from that backyard and her old life. She now takes on exciting adventures with her new family, and she couldn’t be happier!