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Rescuers Were Baffled By This Mystery Dog So They Did A DNA Test To Figure Out What Is She

Rescuers Were Baffled By This Mystery Dog So They Did A DNA Test To Figure Out What Is She

So many dogs face distressing conditions at no fault of their own. Life on the street, mixed with cold temperatures, inadequate shelter, and lack of food take their toll, leaving these four-legged creatures in despair. 

One such story comes from Virginia, where a dog was found in such horrible shape that the rescuers mistook her for another breed.

She hopelessly surrendered to the hoomans who immediately started the recovery process, and soon enough, the dog, later named Glowup, took everyone by surprise!

A Difficult Start In Life

Animal control in Petersburg, Virginia, picked up Glowup and immediately transferred her to Richmond Animal League, who accepted her in a heartbeat. 

She was in extremely bad condition when she first arrived at the facility. Her skin was inflamed due to a severe case of demodectic mange, which is why the staff initially thought her breed was a Shar Pei.

“When this sweet girl arrived, her skin suffered from a nasty case of Demodex. She was missing hair, was covered in scabs, and her skin was thickened,” RAL wrote on Facebook.

Despite everything, her caregivers worked night and day to help this poor girl recover. She received meds and medicated baths on a regular basis, but what Glowup got the most from her saviors was lots of love.

Daily TLC, in combination with medical treatment, helped her come out of her shell and embark on a transformative journey. Everyone in the rescue soon fell in love with this amazing girl’s personality.

@richmondanimalleague Ms. Glowup was transferred to us from one of our animal control partners so she can get the treatment she needs for her skin. She also has entropion and a heart murmur. #richmondanimalleague #sheltermedicine #demodex #shelterdog #adoptadog ♬ Gorgeous – Taylor Swift

Within just weeks, Glowup was on her way to a full recovery. Her coat wounds started healing, and after a long time, she was finally on safe ground.

Mystery Resolved

Glowup’s recovery resolved another mystery – what breed she was!

Instead of the initial assumption that she was a Shar Pei due to her condition, the shelter staff finally learned her true identity. She was a pawdorable Pitbull mix with such a great personality.

In their Facebook post, the Richmond Animal League crew posted her ‘before and after photos,’ showing how much Glowup actually transformed during her recovery process. 

“We began a course of treatment that included medicated baths to help her skin and the results speak for themselves. We think Ms. Glowup should be in ads for the shampoo; I mean, look at her amazing before and after photos,” the RAL team wrote.

She blossomed into a brand-new girl, happy to finally be surrounded by people who loved her. Even though her full past is vague, it is safe to say that Glowup will never have to deal with uncertainty again. 

When the time comes, we’re absolutely pawsitive that this loving girl will be spending her days showering some family with love and affection. And, in return, she’ll get the coziest, most pawfect home!