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Rescuers Tried To Save A Dog Who Fled Into An Abandoned Building Only To Be Shocked By What They Saw

Rescuers Tried To Save A Dog Who Fled Into An Abandoned Building Only To Be Shocked By What They Saw

One of the great things about dogs is their pack mentality and the ability to adapt to change by forming groups where they work together toward something.

In the case of stray dogs, this can work great in their favor when it comes to scavenging and finding food from other people.

They will gather in groups and settle in a small place where they will usually stay for a while.

In this story, we will talk about a group of rescuers who stumbled upon a very large pack when they were attempting to rescue a stray dog.

A Huge Surprise

dog in abandoned house
Source: The Dodo

When Robert Altermoser, a rescuer from EveryDayStray, saw a stray dog, he wanted to help and rescue him, so he decided to follow.

He noticed that he was very timid and was moving away from him at a fast pace, but they did not want to give up on him.

Robert told The Dodo: “We basically just saw a dog running into this building, and sometimes you have a funny feeling if you see something.

stray dog in abandoned building
Source: The Dodo

They were getting close to the abandoned building and started hearing barking. After entering, they were shocked by what they saw.

There were a lot of stray dogs there who were all trying to stick together. It was a horrible place for them to be, but they did not know any better.

One thing that came as a particular surprise was that there were also quite a few puppies there as well.

Robert’s Rescue Plan

guy with gloves helping a black dog
Source: The Dodo

Robert said: “In the moment I entered in this building, I knew I wanted to just have this whole place empty.  

As someone who has worked for over two years as a volunteer, and spent time rescuing animals, this was heartbreaking for him.

His first task was to help the puppies who clearly needed it the most. After rescuing them, he took them to a vet, where they received a checkup and treatment.

However, the mission was not done yet. Robert was not satisfied with just saving the puppies. He wanted to catch them all and give them a chance at a new life.

One thing he decided to do first was check with the local police to see if it was okay for him and his partner to take all of the dogs from that horrible area.

The police obviously obliged and allowed them to proceed with the rescue. They were happy to hear that.

After returning to help all of the dogs in the abandoned building, Robert noticed just how friendly and sweet all of them were.

It was obvious to them that they were not a threat, and they just wanted somebody to help them leave that place for good.

A Very Successful Rescue

black dog and two puppies in a cage
Source: The Dodo

They also found a mother and more puppies who needed saving. They carefully approached the mom, who was scared and shaking.

But, after realizing they wanted to help, she relaxed enough and allowed them to take her and the babies somewhere safe.

The rescue was going great, and everything was running smoothly. Robert said: “We just put the lead around them, cut the chain, and we walked them out to the cars.

six dogs walking
Source: The Dodo

And finally, the mission was complete. Robert and his partner managed to secure and save every dog from the abandoned building.

They were taken to their shelter, where they all had a lot of food, water, and room to move around.

One thing they always tried doing was taking them for walks where they could play and explore their surroundings. It was really amazing.

As for the adoption, many of the dogs and puppies from the building were taken in by a new family. 

While we don’t have any information regarding the rest of them, I am confident that Robert and his crew found a forever home for all of them.