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The Rescuers Stopped Their Boat As Soon As They Saw A Poor Thing Clinging To River Wall

The Rescuers Stopped Their Boat As Soon As They Saw A Poor Thing Clinging To River Wall

In addition to food, water, and lots of kisses and hugs, a walk with his favorite people makes every dog ​​happy. That’s exactly how the dog, Freddie, felt one day when his family took him for a walk along the river.

Unfortunately, this pooch was so excited that, at one point, he no longer knew where he was walking, which caused him to fall 14 feet from the river wall into the waves below.

His family was in absolute shock at that moment. However, one of his owners quickly managed to pull himself together and call the right people capable of this delicate rescue task. 

Big-Hearted Rescuers In Action

rescuers in a boat
Source: Gravesend RNLI

Soon after his beloved pet ended up in the water, one of Freddie’s owners called 999, asking for the coastguard. Shortly before handing over the shift, and after a busy day at work, the rescuers from RNLI received a call to go to that place to save the dog from drowning.

Although they were already exhausted, for these people, every life was important, so they happily set out to save another one. Within a minute, they were at the right location from where they saw Freddie’s worried owner leaning over the river wall looking for his dog.

Then, suddenly, when they looked down, they saw black eyes peeking out of the water and paws clinging to the wall. 

rescuers helping dog in the river
Source: Gravesend RNLI

It was a frightened Freddie, and as soon as these big-hearted rescuers saw him, they stopped the boat and, with a quick and professional reaction, pulled him up to safety. It is hard to say who was happier at that moment – Freddie or his saviors. 

Happy and satisfied that this rescue mission was successfully completed, they headed toward the coast together.

RNLI posted a video of the rescue operation on their official Facebook profile, which you can watch below.

Reunion With His Loved Ones

When Freddie and the rescue team approached the shore, the port staff were very surprised – positively, of course.

“I noticed the lifeboat with the flashing blue lights against the shore, next minute it was coming towards me,” the port line handler Chris Turner said in a press release. “I didn’t expect them to moor up at the terminal with a dog on board!”

rescued dog
Source: Gravesend RNLI

Fortunately, that’s exactly what was going on and the best was yet to come for this dog. It came very quickly after Freddie arrived at the dock and shook the water from his coat – he was finally reunited with his family

It was a heartwarming moment that reminded these rescuers again why they love their job and why they will continue to do it with even more passion.

“It’s always a great feeling to witness the reuniting of a dog with its owner,” RNLI volunteer Aaron Reynolds said at the end.